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Using Etsy for Genealogy

Etsy is a popular commerce website for purchasing hand-crafted items; did you know that Etsy can also be used to assist in your genealogy research?

I started using Etsy several years ago when a colleague told me she purchased some hand-colored fill-in-the-blank genealogy charts which she then completed and gave as gifts to family members. I had known about Etsy, sometimes called “Ebay for handmade goods,” but I really never thought I could find genealogy-related items, let alone find assistance with my genealogy research. I’m here to let you in on some Etsy secrets when it comes to researching family history . . .

Genealogy-Related Gift Items on Etsy

To locate a variety of gift items, simply search for the word “genealogy” on the Etsy main page. What will you find? Here’s a recent sampling:

  • Family tree prints that can be customized, either by the vendor or by the purchaser
  • Surname wall hangings in bright colors and frames
  • Family tree jewelry including pendants and bracelets
  • Peel-and-stick wall decal family trees – you provide photos and text
  • and much more!

etsy city directory

Genealogy Research Books on Etsy

What I didn’t expect to find on Etsy was a variety of books to assist me in my research.  By adding the word “books” to my genealogy search, I located old city and business directories, published family history compilations, genealogy society quarterlies and more. Today’s search for “genealogy books” lists over 300 such items just waiting to be discovered.

Don’t Forget Surname and Place Names!

In addition to using the terms “genealogy” and “family history,” I spent quite a while browsing items related to specific surnames and place names that I research. I found artwork by a woodcut artist Dorothy McEntee, as well as many postcards and maps of Lowville, New York, one of my ancestral towns. I never would have thought of using Etsy for locating these types of items . . . I’m glad I decided to take a chance on a new resource!

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Check out Etsy today and see if it can’t help with some of your research!

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