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Have you ever scrambled looking for a digital solution to a problem such as transcribing handwritten text or creating a bibliography?  Do you just go to your favorite search engine, enter your search criteria and then sort through all the results?

DiRT – short for Digital Research Tools Wiki is a much better way of finding “the right tool for the right job.”  This wiki is an online “emporium” of the latest and greatest resources for specific tasks – many of which are performed by genealogists.

For example, check out all the tools available for transcribing handwritten or spoken texts:

dirt 01

For me, DiRT is a must-have in my web browser favorites!

© 2009, copyright Thomas MacEntee

6 thoughts on “Digital Research Tools Wiki

  1. I’m so glad to know about this Wiki. Thanks Thomas for getting the word out. I have to add my favorite Transcribe 2.3 to the list for transcribing handwritten text. I think it’s fantastic.

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