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Have You Decorated Your Blog for the Holidays?

Holiday blog decorating

As I am preparing for the launch of the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories as well as digging my own Christmas ornaments out of the closet for my own tree, I realized it was time to deck out my own personal genealogy blog – Destination: Austin Family – for the holidays! Take a look here.

If you are interested in changing your own blog template for the holiday season (and there are a variety including winter themes, Hanukkah themes, Kwanzaa themes and more!), then take a look at our Resources for Holiday Blog Decorating there at GeneaBloggers.

Included in the resources are two “how to” videos – one on how to back up your Blogger template and another on how to change your template for the holidays.

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One thought on “Have You Decorated Your Blog for the Holidays?

  1. I decided to use the decoration of my blog for Christmas as a great reason to alter my site’s CSS. I kept my original template and made some subtle changes, which also meant dusting of my graphics program.

    Somewhere I read “If code is poetry, then CSS is Art”. One day I want to do a page worthy of inclusion on

    Happy Holidays to all.

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