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DearMYRTLE Rocks the Webinarverse


I just got done attending the Blogging for Beginners webinar with DearMYRTLE as the hostess and sponsored by Legacy Family Tree.

I have to say it was a great experience! Not only did I want to show my support for a colleague who has given so much to the genealogy community, but I wanted to see how the audience felt about the topic and especially the questions and answers.

Using GoToWebinar – a webconferencing / virtual presentation platform – Ol’Myrt did a fantastic job of explaining blogging basics to the attendees.  While she was doing that, some attendees were also typing and submitting questions which were automagically answered by the webinar staff!

In addition, when the webinar was completed, and after drawings were held for some fantastic door prizes, OlMyrt also answered questions live “on the air.”  For me this was the best part – I was able to get an idea of the types of questions folks had about blogs and also got to find out where they were.

Let’s just say that it seems like from Honolulu to England and beyond, the sun never sat on this webinar!

Check out the upcoming webinars offered – all free – at Legacy Family Tree here.

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5 thoughts on “DearMYRTLE Rocks the Webinarverse

  1. I so wanted to attend this, but regretfully had to cancel my reservation a couple of days ago due to an unexpected schedule conflict that arose. Sounds like I missed a fun and informative session. *sigh* Maybe next time….

  2. This use of technology was fantastic. Well, of course, the content was Superb! Myrt did a great job. Webinars such as this will be part of my ongoing education on genealogy research – and perhaps meet my needs for a genealogy fix when there are no classes or workshops to attend in my area. As Ahnold would say “I’ll Be Back!”

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