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Some New Data on the Genealogy Industry from Family Tree Magazine

Family Tree Magazine 2012 Media Planner

The new Family Tree Magazine 2012 Media Planner is now available at (1.1MB PDF download) and while its intent is to convey advertising rates and specs to prospective advertisers, it is filled with interesting insights about the genealogy industry. Much of the information was gathered during a reader survey in 2011:

  • Family Tree Magazine’s total distribution is 78,218 with 58,152 paid print circulation and 20,066 newsstand distribution.
  • Family Tree Magazine has 197,000 monthly page views.
  • 63% of FTM readers consider themselves to be “intermediate” genealogists, while 19% consider themselves beginners.
  • Most readers have been researching their roots for an average of 19 years! They also spend almost 11 hours a week on genealogy activities.
  • FTM readers spent over 8 hours a week researching genealogy online and, more interestingly, 75% of their total genealogy time is spent on the Internet.
  • And what do they spend? An average of $513 per year on genealogy, with almost half of that amount spent on purchases made online.
  • Demographics of FTM readers: 78% female, average age is 63 years, over 84% have a high school education or higher, and the average annual income is over $77,000.
  • Ethnic background of FTM readers: English – 71%, German – 68%, Irish – 63%, Scottish – 44%, Scandinavian – 37%, and Canadia – 34%.
Take a look and you’ll also learn some of the topics that Family Tree Magazine will be covering in 2012 and other useful info about the genealogy industry.

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