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Data Backup Day – July 1, 2012

Island Park - hurricane damage, September 1938

Have you made backing up your data part of your disaster preparedness and planning?  Today is Data Backup Day, July 1, 2012, and in the United States here we’ve seen plenty of news about  wildfires and hurricanes.

Now is the time to think about preserving all your genealogy data including data files as well as scanning family photos (click here for information on tools to scan those precious family photos). It is important to be proactive when it comes to making sure that your genealogy data is secure!

Data Backup Resolutions

  • Take inventory of what data needs to be backed up and how often backups should be performed. Make sure you include favorites and bookmarks, blog posts, website files, etc. These days our genealogy “data” is so much more than just our genealogy software databases.
  • Select a backup method that works for you. Check out online services such as DropBox which not only gives you 2GB of free online storage, but also synchronizes your data changes across many devices including your netbook and smart phone or mobile device!
  • Don’t put off backing up your data! You never know when a hard drive might fail or your home could be hit by fire, flood or some other disaster.
  • While you’re at it, also consider securing paper documents and photos in archival acid-free and waterproof containers. And make plans to attend the next Scanfest when you can scan these items to create a digital backup.
  • Help spread the word about the importance of data backups for genealogists and family historians. Place a status message on your Facebook page or using Twitter. Make a mention in your genealogical society newsletter or make the announcement in person next time you attend a meeting.

Data Backup Resources

GeneaBloggers has developed a resource list of data backup methodologies and solutions. Click here to learn how you can backup almost every aspect of your blog, your browser, your computer – even Macs!

Recent Genealogy Blogger Experiences

If you think that data loss can’t happen to you, see what your genealogy blogging colleagues have said recently:

Photo: Island Park – hurricane damage, September 1938 at WikiMedia Commons.

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One thought on “Data Backup Day – July 1, 2012

  1. Thanks so much for reminding us to do this. I just had a minor data loss the other day and nearly had a heart attack. Thankfully I had a back up and it was completely resolved.
    I just added my July 1st back ups into safe keeping!
    Thanks again!

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