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Data Backup Day December 1, 2010

data backup day

You’ve worked very hard on all your genealogy research so far in 2010.  But have you backed up your research data? Your bookmarks? Your scanned photos? Your emails to other researchers?  What are you waiting for – the holiday rush?

Have you ever considered what you would do if you lost any or all of your data?  And I don’t mean just your genealogy research data – have you taken an inventory lately as to how much genealogy-related data you really have besides your database files?  Bookmarks, favorites, emails, scanned images and documents, blog posts – they all matter and they can all be gone in an instant.

Also remember to put “data backup needs” at the top of your holiday list this year. Whether it be a new external hard drive or a subscription to an on-line backup service, let Santa or your favorite elf know what you want this year!

Ways To Backup Your Data

“Back in the day” the ways of securing your data meant copying to CDs or *ugh* even floppy disks (remember those?). Luckily these days we have more and more devices including cheap external drives with 1 TB or more of store and online applications that will backup your data – for free!

  • Hard Drive: if you have room on your hard drive, create a “copy folder” of your essential data. This not only gives you a second copy but is what you can use to copy out to CDs, DVDs or other media.
  • CDs and DVDs: if your computer has a CD/DVD burner, you can create your own CDs and DVDs to store data.
  • External Hard Drive: an external hard drive can connect to your computer via a USB connection and they can hold 1 TB (that’s terabyte as in 1,000 GB) at a relatively cheap price (some under $100). What’s also nice is the size: some can fit in the palm of your hand.
  • Online Backup Services: there are a variety of sites that allow you to backup your data – some even for free!

Data Types To Backup

The main focus is your research database but think about backing up these items as well:

  • blog posts and templates
  • emails
  • Internet favorites and bookmarks
  • photos and scanned documents

Data Backup Resources

GeneaBloggers has developed a resource list of data backup methodologies and solutions.  Click here to learn how you can backup almost every aspect of your blog, your browser, your computer – even Macs!

Recent Genealogy Blogger Experiences

If you think that data loss can’t happen to you, see what your genealogy blogging colleagues have said recently:

Photo: Backup Backup Backup – And Test Restores at Flickr courtesy of Topato

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7 thoughts on “Data Backup Day December 1, 2010

  1. Thank you for your monthly reminders. I purchased an portable external hard drive about a month ago and moved my information. I also have information on a flash drive too, as a back up of the backup.

    My old computer died (I think it can be resurrected because it is a connectivity issue) last week, I would be in a complete state of panic if I did not back up.

  2. Thanks for this wonderful reminder of having making backups of the important files we have on our computers.I never forget to backup my files.I use both online backups and Safecopy backup in particular and also my External hard drive.With this,all my files are so secure.

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