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How To Create A Blogger Post Template

Blogger Template

As our genealogy blogging community grows and new bloggers join our ranks, I often receive emails about how to perform certain functions in Blogger.  For the most part, there are already posts here at GeneaBloggers or over at Bootcamp for GeneaBloggers cover these issues.

Recently, however, a new blogger asked a “how to” question that hasn’t yet been covered: how to create a Blogger posting template pre-populated with data (such as copyright info, etc.) so it would pop-up automatically each time you clicked New Post.

Here’s how to incorporate this great time-saving feature into your own Blogger-based blog:

  • Log in to Blogger.  Click Settings.

Blogger Template

  • Click the Formatting tab.  Scroll to the bottom and locate the Post Template section.
  • Enter the text in the box.  For formatting, such as italics or bold, use basic HTML codes.  Click Save Settings.

Blogger Template

  • Click New Post.  The text will appear in the edit box automatically.

Blogger Template

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