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Contest: Get Genea-organized!

conquering the paper monster once and for all

We’ve been in a contest mood at GeneaBloggers as of late, and this week we have a great offering: win an e-book copy of Conquering the Paper Monster Once and For All by Elyse Doerflinger.

Many of us in the genealogy blogging community know Elyse from her blog Elyse’s Genealogy Blog as well as her series of instructional genealogy videos on You Tube.  Elyse has expanded her offerings and how brings this great book on how you can finally get your genealogy office/corner/nook/desk organized by taming the paper monster!

The Prize

Here’s a description of Conquering the Paper Monster Once and For All:

Are you tired of drowning in piles of papers?  Are you frustrated by all the different organizational systems and still not being able to find one that you can stick with?  Is you research suffering because you can’t find a piece of paper when you need it?  Are you tired of repeating research steps because you forgot that you already did it?  This e-book will help you create a customized system for organizing your genealogy papers – a system that you can understand and stick too.  Follow this step by step guide to understanding the basics of organization and how to create a system that works for you.

Value $3.99 US (this is the e-book version sent via email in PDF).

How To Participate In This Contest

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and tell us how disorganized your genealogy desk/office/corner/nook is right now!  If you want to add a funny story or a photo even better!  You must include your name and email address in the comment form in order to be eligible.

  • Between Monday, June 7, 2010 and 11:00 pm Central Daylight Time (CDT) Thursday, June 10, 2010, leave a comment on this post about backing up your data.
  • Your comment must focus on organizing genealogy research/papers and include a valid e-mail address (see Contest Rules below).
  • One winner will be drawn at random from the eligible comments on Friday, June 11, 2010. The winner will be contacted via email.   Once contact is confirmed, a copy of the e-book  Conquering the Paper Monster Once and For All will be emailed to the winner.

Contest Rules


  • TERM: The Contest will run from Monday, June 7, 2010 through 11:00 pm Thursday, June 10, 2010, Central Daylight Time (CDT).
  • PRIZE: A free copy of the e-book Conquering the Paper Monster Once and For All. Value = $3.99 US.
  • ODDS OF WINNING: Odds of winning will be determined by the number of entries received. One winners will be drawn at random.
  • DISCLAIMER: GeneaBloggers is not responsible for errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, defects in part or whole, delays in operations or transmission, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to or alterations of entry materials, or for any technical or non-technical network, telephonic, electronic, computer, hardware or software malfunctions of any kind, or inaccurate or partial transmission of or failure to receive entry information by GeneaBloggers on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet, at any web site or any combination thereof. GeneaBloggers is not responsible for any injury or damage to entrant’s or any other person’s computer related to or resulting from playing or downloading any materials in the Get Genea-Organized Contest.
  • DISQUALIFICATION: Your entry will be disqualified if you do not a) comment upon data backup as a subject and/or b) leave a valid e-mail address in the comment.
  • SELECTION OF WINNERS: Winners will be selected in an electronically randomized manner on June 11, 2010, for the Get Genea-Organized Contest. The winner will be notified on the day of the drawing, and will have 96 hours to contact GeneaBloggers regarding their prize. Return of any prize or prize notification as “undeliverable” will result in disqualification and an alternate winner will be selected.
  • NOTIFICATION: Prizewinners will be notified by e-mail sent to the e-mail address left in the comments of this post. GeneaBloggers is under no obligation to notify winner by any means other than e-mail. GeneaBloggers is not responsible for notifications that are misdirected or not received because of e-mail addresses or mailing addresses that are no longer correct. If a potential winner cannot be reached after a reasonable effort has been made during 3 business days from the first notification attempt, such person may be disqualified, with an alternate winner selected. Any prize notification or prize returned as undeliverable will result in the awarding of that prize to an alternate winner.
  • REDEMPTION: GeneaBloggers will deliver the prize as follows: Once a prize winner responds to the notification from GeneaBloggers, a PDF copy of the e-book Conquering the Paper Monster Once and For All will be emailed to the winner.
  • CONDITIONS: By participating in the Get Genea-Organized Contest, you agree to release and hold GeneaBloggers and Thomas MacEntee, and all prize suppliers harmless from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims, and actions of any kind in connection with the Get Genea-Organized Contest or any product purchased, or resulting from acceptance, possession, use or misuse of any prize, including, without limitation, personal injuries, death, and property damage, and claims based on publicity rights, defamation, or invasion of privacy, whether suffered by you or a third party. By participating, entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules and the decisions of GeneaBloggers and waive any right to claim ambiguity in the Get Genea-Organized Contest or these Contest Rules. All decisions regarding the Get Genea-Organized Contest, including, but not limited to, selecting winners, will be made by GeneaBloggers, whose decisions shall be final. Winners are individually responsible for all applicable taxes.

©2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

35 thoughts on “Contest: Get Genea-organized!

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  2. I don’t have any great genea organized stories but let’s just say that I have so many piles and boxes that I need to organize them just so I can organize what’s IN them!
    Michelle Goodrum
    turningofgenerations at cox dot net

  3. I have started taking digital photos of all my important documents, arranging them in ‘folders’ with meaningful names, and storing these backups on CDs that I leave with relatives or friends away from my home town. I used to just keep my backup CDs in a locker at work, until I heard about people losing their originals and their backups when a flood, bushfire or cyclone wiped out an entire town.

  4. My desk used to look like Drew’s! It’s still not great but I’m kinda disorangizaedly organized. I have plastic containers and three 4-draw file cabinets…and I still can’t find anything!

  5. My papers and computer files are very disorganised!! But I always make sure to backup my data! Thanks for the competition 🙂

  6. I just started in the genealogy field around Christmas 2009 thinking I could do my fiances family tree in four weeks for Christmas…haha…it’s now turned into an obsession….I’ve visited the same websites so many times and found the same information and have created so many files. I need organization! 🙂

  7. I have several plastic tubs full of information. Unfortunately, each tub simply contains the piles that were on my desk when I needed to find the desktop. Even if each tub were a single family, that would help. However, it’s all random. I’m sure others can relate to “discovering” new information only to realize that I’ve “discovered” it before and its now residing in one of those plastic tubs…but which one?

  8. Re: “Are you tired of repeating research steps because you forgot that you already did it?”….Eke how many times have I read the same microfilm? Yes I definately have ‘repeat’ issues! 😉
    As far as back-ups go I am pretty good with that – probably because I am paranoid about losing all my research data. I have a jump drive that I back up onto then transfer to another computer. So I have a current backup in 3 locations – Plus I upload quarterly to rootsweb world connect (only data after 1920 to exclude living relatives / sensitive info).
    Wish we had more time in the day 😉
    Theresa Casteel of Tangled Trees

  9. I have several file cabinets of varying sizes and on top of them and every flat surface I have papers and or photos piled. I have scanned many photos and documents and back them up to CD or DVD, and I also back up my family tree database to CD.

  10. Data Backup (hard drive that is), “In a relationship!”
    Data organization…”It’s complicated!”
    It is possible I could win the crown for Queen of Disorganized Genealogy. Even files on my computer are all over the place. Papers upon stacks of papers, envelopes large and small stuffed with info, photos to label and scan, envision it stirred with a stick x 8 yrs.
    Where did I put my 4th great grandparents?” Boxes and tins and shelves oh my… boxes and tins and shelves…oh MY…boxes and tins and shelves OH MY!
    Focus on organization – I need HELP!

  11. I am a disorganized procrastinating repeater. BUT I do backup all of my data via an online backup facility. I also have several USB drives and portable hard drives that contain my disorganization. Heaven forbid I’d have to find something :(. But of course I can just re-research it…when I get around to it… 🙂

    Now, my filing cabinets are a whole ‘nother story!!! And we don’t want to go there…

  12. I’ve been researching for 45 years of so. Much of my data is on paper, in piles, in boxes, in notebooks…. I need to find some way to organize it so that I can make more sense out of it all. I’m not getting any younger (sho is?) and I’d like to leave something usable to my heirs.

  13. I hate to even start new projects that require paperwork, books, photos, etc as I can’t keep up with what I already have. It’s embarassing to admit, but when I need something, it is usually after much searching and frustration. I have tried to do better, but really need some organization in my life. My daughter moved and I thought I would do better with her room as an office, but it is just another place to lay things and it never seems to get put up. My husband is frustrated with me and I hope I can do better in getting myself more organized and backing up my research. I know Elyse book will greatly help me.

  14. I backed up my electronic genealogy data over Memorial Day weekend to an external drive and to the USB drive that I carry in my pocket.

    My paper files are organized but not updated. I have about 30 linear feet of genealogy books and binders in bookcases, plus two file cabinets of stuff. The periodicals are in piles on top of the bookcases – about 16 linear feet of those up to the windows. If we had a big earthquake, I might get pinned by my ancestors information!

    Cheers — Randy Seaver

  15. This is exactly what I am doing right now! Organizing! (well attempting to anyway, LOL!) I need all the tips and suggestions I can get :). So far, I have piles with sheets on top that say something like, “These Files Need Labels” or something similar, and so on for piles and piles that I collected while I was “wet behind the ears” and NOT as organized as I am (or would like to be) today! Besides, I love Elyse’s work! I hope I win!

  16. Organization is the key to survival! Whatever you do, start early, and find the system that will work for you, and follow it religiously!

  17. Oh, I am so gratified to discover I am not the only one who makes extensive use of “Clutter Coffins,” those plastic bins! And, maybe I am not the only one who has the majority labeled Miscellaneous.
    Do I need this book…my, yes. Either that, or a patient person to work closely with me, encouraging a better system…and just about any system would be better!
    It is my summer resolution to back up everything and enter the vitals into my computer program.
    Elyse, glad your tummy is better!

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