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Cherish Bound Legacy Kit

As part of the Bound for Mom blogging mini-series, Geneabloggers has teamed up with Cherish Bound to offer The Legacy Kit.  The kit has been customized especially for us at a substantial discount.   

Why The Legacy Kit?

Here’s how  The Legacy Kit works with a blogging carnival:

– Bound for Mom is an opportunity for you to create a series of four posts about Mom or another important woman in your family

– Very often with blog posts, they have a limited audience especially among family members who don’t have access to the Internet

– People I’ve spoken with say it can be difficult to get family members to talk about their memories and so they can be shared with others

– In addition, some bloggers have expressed an interest in publishing a tribute book about Mom based on their blog posts, writings and photographs

– And some of us are looking to take our love of genealogy, writing and story-telling and turn it into an economic opportunity

What is in The Legacy Kit?

The Legacy Kit contains the following items:

50 Gathering Chat Cards: these cards are meant to be used at family gatherings and can get people talking about certain topics.  These are similar to some of the “ice breaker” props we’ve all seen at business get-togethers.  The concept is the same, only these cards ask your family members “open ended” questions perfect for talking about memories. 


I am hoping to use these in May when I go home to New York and meet with Mom and her six sisters!

Story Starters: there are a total of five Story Starters and Mini-Story Starters (Lessons About Life,When I Was Little, Vacation, Love’s Firsts, and Recipe) and they can be used to help write your Mom’s story.  


Each Story Starter focuses on a specific topic and includes prompts to get you started.  There are also pages which help you sketch out your story using Outlines and Image Ideas.


Guides: the Writing and Publishing Guide is a valuable tool that walks you through the process of self-publishing your story.  Other guides highlight Cherish Bound‘s other products as well as how to get started as a Cherish Bound consultant and help others tell their own stories.


Do I Need To Purchase The Legacy Kit To Participate?

Bound for Mom is open to anyone who authors a genealogy or family history focused blog and wants to post on any one of the four topics between
March 18 and April 15, 2009.  The Legacy Kit is a supplement to this journey for those who want to take their blogging to a another level.

How Can I Purchase The Legacy Kit?

Contact me using the Contact Geneabloggers link in the sidebar and I’ll send you instructions on how to purchase.  Also feel free to ask questions or make comments via e-mail or in the comments section below.

I will be posting my first Bound for Mom milepost, A Journey of Firsts, later this weekend over at Destination: Austin Family.  I’ll also be working on putting together a sample book at Cherish Bound so others can see the finished product.

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