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Celebrating Our 2000th Post

GeneaBloggers 2000th Post

It’s time to crack open the champagne and celebrate!  This is the 2000th post here at GeneaBloggers since we started in February 2009.  Over the past two and half years we’ve tried to bring you the best information and news about genealogy, technology and social media.

Thanks to all our members who put their heart and soul into researching their family history and telling the stories at their own individual blogs.  And thanks to all our visitors and readers for their continued support.

So it is time to party on like Florence is doing in the photo above and break out the champagne, Champale, Riuniti (on ice, that’s nice) or whatever your poison might be.  Cheers!

©2011, copyright Thomas MacEntee

18 thoughts on “Celebrating Our 2000th Post

  1. Congratulations! What an awesome thing you’ve built here. It’s like founding a town (in fact, a lot of towns don’t have a population as big as this one).

    Also, that might be the best picture ever featured on a blog post.

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