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New Category: LDS Blogs

New at GeneaBloggers

New at GeneaBloggers

Over the past few months, I’ve received several inquiries as to “who are the LDS bloggers who blog about genealogy?” Believe it or not, I know most of these bloggers, but that info has always been stored in my head . . . and lately my retrieval skills have not been the greatest.

I’ve created a new category in the Genealogy Blog Roll – LDS Church – for those bloggers who’ve identified themselves as LDS church members or who blog about their genealogy as it is related to the LDS church. (Note: I had to use “LDS Church” since using just “LDS” picked up other blogs ending in “lds” with work like “fields” etc.)

I’ve started to add a few blogs after contacting the bloggers via email, but the process would be much easier if those who want to be designated as LDS blogs would email me at and send me the name of your blog(s) and the URLs for those blogs.


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