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Keep Calm and Cite Your Sources

keep calm and cite your sources

I got a good laugh out of the above posted which was created by Jennifer of Rainy Day Genealogy Readings.  It may not play as well here as it does in the UK where the “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters are part of an anti-terrorism campaign.

Jennifer told me she used the Keep Calm Generator to create her poster and I like it so much that I wanted to display it and link back to her blog.

While you’re here, check out out our Source Citations Quick Reference (opens in PDF) to help make the process easier.

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9 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Cite Your Sources

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  2. I’ve been using EndNote, which works as an Add-on MS Word, to to organise and insert my references in my “real study life” for some time. I just started to use it for my family and photohistory research, and what a difference it makes! I had to create some new reference types to cater for things like documents and photographs, but I’m getting there.

    Although it does cost, I thoroughly recommend using such a programme (a) to create a well organised reference database, and (b) to avoid duplicating an enormous amount of effort. Although I haven’t used it myself, I believe Zotero is a similar citing utility which works as an add-on to Firefox, and is free.

  3. The Keep Calm and Cite Your Sources poster reminds me of the the story about an American Serviceman who came to London during WWW2 and expressed amazement at the British stoicism as the bombs rained down – posters everywhere saying “Take Courage”.

    Little did he know that Courage is the name of an English Brewery!

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