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Calling all Bloggers! September 2012 Issue of APGQ

Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly

Here’s a writing opportunity for members of GeneaBloggers! The September 2012 issue of the Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly‘s theme is entitled: TOOLS FOR PRODUCTIVITY: TIME PASSES, BUT WILL YOU? Technologies or techniques for managing a genealogy business, for managing clients, and/or for managing genealogical information.

The deadline for submissions is June 15, 2012 and you can contact the APGQ editor via email with your questions or submissions at

Recently, APG decided to develop themes for each quarterly issue to help make the magazine of greater value to its members. Writers’ guidelines are posted on the APG website at

Other themes include:

  • December 2012 (deadline September 15): VIEWS FROM 2012 ON PROFESSIONAL GENEALOGY. Short personal reflections on all aspects from many points of view — no harangues — an example at
  • March 2013 (deadline December 15, 2012): MARKETING STRATEGIES: BEYOND “WILL DO GENEALOGY FOR FOOD.”
  • June 2013 (deadline March 15, 2013): MY BIG FAT GENEALOGY CAREER(S) or A PEEK UNDER THE UMBRELLA. Career options for genealogists, preferably first-person accounts of the good, the bad, and the profitable.
  • September 2013 (deadline June 15, 2013): “WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?” EFFECTIVE CLIENT COMMUNICATION. Report writing, personal/telephone/email contacts, dispute resolution, “qualifying” or screening potential clients, etc.
  • December 2013 (deadline September 15, 2013): TECHNOLOGY: WHAT DO YOU GET IF YOU CROSS A GENEALOGIST WITH A SOFTWARE DEVELOPER? Reflections on RootsTech, costs and benefits of being an “early adopter” or a “late adopter,” and whatever the latest tech stuff is by then.

©2012, copyright Thomas MacEntee