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Calling All Bloggers! The 1940 US Census Community Project Wants You!

1940 Blog Ambassador

The 1940 US Census Community Project is a multi-faceted one and, while there is a great need for individuals and genealogy societies to help index the images once they are released on April 2, 2012, one other area open for volunteers is the 1940 Blog Ambassador Program.

Bloggers Help Spread the Word

FamilySearch has set up a new way for all bloggers to participate in the community effort to not only index the 1940 US Census images as quickly as possible, but to also raise public awareness of the release of the images.

If we’re to succeed in providing a fully-indexed 1940 US Census as a resource for the genealogy community, we need messengers to help inform the non-genealogy community about this project.

How You Can Help

  • Genealogists and Family Historians: if you read genealogy blogs or know a blogger, please send them a link to this post! Ask them to get involved in the 1940 Blog Ambassador Program today!
  • Bloggers: sign up for the 1940 Blog Ambassador Program here. Bloggers will receive exclusive access to everything you need to share your 1940 census story.
    • Digital downloads
    • Badges
    • Post Ideas
    • Community Challenges
    • Bi-weekly newsletter with program updates
    • Contests and Prizes

    You can post a little or a lot and participate however you feel. And there are opportunities to be featured a guest blogger on the official 1940 census blog.

Photo: It’s your America! Help the ten-year roll call–1940 census, U.S.A. United States Bureau of the Census, ca. 1940. Library of Congress, LC-USZC4-1801.