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Bound for Mom



Beginning March 25, 2009, Geneabloggers will be leading a journey called Bound for Mom.

The Vehicle: a blog carnival consisting of a mini-series of posts over a four-week period based on stories about your mother (or your grandmother or another female ancestor) gathered from family members.

The Destination: gathering these memories into a keepsake book that you publish in time for Mother’s Day.

The Mile Posts: one blog post a week on Wednesdays with the following topics

  • March 25th – A Journey of Firsts:  Moms go far and along the way there are so many “firsts” such as first date, first love, first home, first child, and more.  Take all of these beginnings and bundle them up into a story of how your Mom got started.
  • April 1st – The Roadside Café:  was your Mom a great or inventive cook? Or perhaps cooking wasn’t her forte. No matter, gather up tales of food in your family and how Mom turned out great meals . . . or how she was an expert at dinner reservations!
  • April 8th – Driving Lessons:  along every mile with Mom there was usually a lesson or something to be learned – whether it was obvious to you then or now.  Collect her “Momisms,” her favorite sayings, her tips and tricks – all the neat stuff she gave you so you’d make your own journey safely.
  • April 15th – The World Is Not Flat:  many Moms love to travel and take off to parts unknown once the nest is empty.  Did you Mom visit some great destinations? Or were there places she always wanted to visit? Build a travelogue based on Mom’s trips or perhaps places you’ve visited that Mom always wanted to.

Trick Out Your Vehicle: in partnership with Cherish Bound we’ve developed a special Legacy Kit which contains tools to get your family members to share their stories about Mom.  The kit is being offered at a special discount and not only includes “story starter” tools, but also a publishing coupon that will let you publish your book about Mom once all your blog posts are finished. 

Why Cherish Bound?  Many geneabloggers have asked for assistance not only in getting their families to open up and share stories, but some also want to get into self-publishing as well as explore other opportunities to use their genealogy, writing and story-telling skills. 

You are not required to purchase the Legacy Kit in order to participate in the Bound for Mom blog carnival.  The carnival is open to anyone who has a genealogy or family history-related blog and wants to post on the specific topics each week.  The Legacy Kit is merely a supplement which is being offered in combination with Bound for Mom.  When the carnival is complete, some participants may want to look into other self-publishing options available on the web or they may simply want to have blog posts available for family members to view.

I will have more info over the weekend about Cherish Bound and their products as well as this opportunity available for Geneablogger members.  If you are interested in purchasing the Legacy Kit please contact me for instrucitons or if you would like more information.

Let’s Go!:  If you’ve ever considered combining your genealogy research and your love of blogging into a book that you publish yourself and then share with the rest of your family, join us on what it sure to be a fun, inspiring, and creative road trip! 

Check out the blog carnival submission form here.

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