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Bound for Mom, The World Is Not Flat

Welcome to the fourth and final edition of Bound for Mom. In this round of posts, the topic is The World Is Not latmany Moms love to travel and take off to parts unknown once the nest is empty. Did you Mom visit some great destinations? Or were there places she always wanted to visit? Build a travelogue based on Mom’s trips or perhaps places you’ve visited that Mom always wanted to.

Linda Hughes Hiser presents Bound for Mom: Milepost #4–The World is Not Flat posted at Flipside, saying, “We traveled alot when we were growing up and Mom’s yellow bag was always packed and ready to go.”

Janet Iles presents Janet the researcher: Bound for Mom Milepost #4 The World is Not Flat posted at Janet the researcher.   Read about Janet’s mother who grew up on the world’s largest freshwater island and traveled with the family all over Canada and the United States.

Gini Webb presents Bound For Mom – The World Is Not Flat posted at Ginisology.   Pay a visit to this travel log of many trips taken by Gini’s mother over the years!
Finally, I present Travels With Mom posted at Destination: Austin Family.  Through the many travels as a child, Mom instilled in me a deep appreciation of history especially for the history of New York State.

That concludes the final edition of Bound for Mom.  I hope you enjoyed the journey with our participants.  And if this has inspired you to either post about your own mother and her accomplishments or if you create a memory book, please let us know!

copyright 2009 Thomas MacEntee