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Bound for Mom, Roadside Cafe

Welcome to the second edition of Bound for Mom. In this round of posts, the topic is The Roadside Caféwas your Mom a great or inventive cook? Or perhaps cooking wasn’t her forte. No matter, gather up tales of food in your family and how Mom turned out great meals . . . or how she was an expert at dinner reservations!


Janet Iles of Janet the Researcher gives us Bound for Mom Milepost #2 – Roadside Cafe. Janet’s post brought back memories for me – my great-grandmother always served the big, hot meal of the day at noon as well.  And Janet offers a recipe called Secrets – check it out!

Sue Acre of The Lives We Weave gives us “Milepost # 2 – The Roadside Café “Next exit: Mom” in which she says that her mother could make liver taste like Swiss steak – now that’s a Mom!

Linda Hughes Hiser presents Bound for Mom Milepost #2: Roadside Cafe posted at Flipside.  Linda’s memories of her Mom do not include culinary skills but there were great Saturday night get togethers – complete with Chef Boyardee spaghetti dinner, Chun King chow mein and more!

Gini Webb presents Bound for Mom ~ The Roadside Cafe ~Mom’s Cooking posted at Ginisology.  German pancakes is one of my favorite recipes and Gini talks about her version and all the great German dishes her mother made.

Finally, I present Mom Taught Me More Than How To Cook posted at Destination: Austin Family.  I describe what it was like to have dinner ready and on the table at age 9 while my mother worked.  And I discuss my food blog which is a tribute to Mom and her recipes.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Bound for mom using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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