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New Blogging Prompts

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GeneaBloggers is happy to announce new blogging prompts starting this week:

  • Workday Wednesday is a new Daily Blogging Prompt which will appear on Wednesday starting August 17, 2011.  Suggested by Denise Spurlock of the Denise’s Life in the Past Lane and Reflecting on Genealogy blogs, Workday Wednesday is a way to document your ancestors’ occupations (they weren’t all farmers), transcripts of SS-5s, photos and stories of ancestors at work, announcements of retirements, etc.
  • Society Saturday is a new Daily Blogging Prompt which will appear on Saturday starting August 20, 2011.  Suggested by Dana of the Just Folks blog, Society Saturday is a way to let other know about your involvement with genealogical and historical societies or highlight special projects and events related to your favorite societies.
  • And one of our member blogs hosts blogging prompt series with a new prompt each Sunday.  Under the heading Sharing Memories – Genealogy Journal Writing, the Olive Tree Genealogy blog offers a new blogging prompt to help you capture your family’s stories. This week’s prompt: Grandpa Was An Ape. We will be mentioning the Sharing Memories series in the Genealogy Blogging Beat for each Sunday.

As with all Daily Blogging Prompts, in order to have your blog post included in the roll-up widget here at GeneaBloggers, please include the name of the prompt in your blog post title. Example: Workday Wednesday – My Uncle Willy Wonka the Chocolate Maker.

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