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Blogger To Become “Google Blogs”


A heads up from Mashable: it seems that Google will be renaming/rebranding several of its applications which were acquired long ago including Blogger and Picasa.

While there are no details, the article confirms that the moved to rebrand Blogger is part of its Google+ push. Google+ recently emerged as a social media competitor to Facebook.

It is too soon to speculate what will actually happen, but feel free to pose your theories and questions in the comments.

One thing that I don’t see happening: I don’t see Google changing the domain at all.  This would cause too many complications and a loss of traffic to most sites with the blogspot domain name.

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13 thoughts on “Blogger To Become “Google Blogs”

  1. I wouldn’t be so certain about the phasing out of Blogspot. If Google redirected to, there should be no loss of traffic, as the old links should still work.

    Any impact that would normally have on search results could easily be countered by Google’s search formula. It might have an impact on other search sites, but the majority of Blogger users wouldn’t pay close attention to that. still redirects to – 11 years later.

  2. I hope the transition is seam less. After moving things from AOL blogs to Blogger I do not look forward to another “move”

    I am amazed that you have to transfer the posts manually. I hope you can make the transition to make it automatic with key words.

    Should save a lot of time in your day.

  3. I hope they do retaing the domain. Its taken me months to attract followers and it would be such a big hassle if users have to start from scratch again.

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