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Blogger Announces New Dynamic Views Feature


Today Blogger announced five new dynamic view templates that Blogger users can soon use and customize. If you want to get a preview as to how your own Blogger-based blog might look with each of these views, simply type “http://[your blog url]/view” in your web-browser address bar, replacing [your blog url] with the url for your own Blogger site.

The new views include Flipcard, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot and Timeslide.  My favorite so far for my personal genealogy blog, Destination: Austin Family is Mosaic:

Blogger dynamic views

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8 thoughts on “Blogger Announces New Dynamic Views Feature

  1. Note that “These views require modern browsers such as Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 3.5+, Chrome or Safari. Many elements of these views will not work should you have an older browser.”

  2. Maybe I’m reluctant to change, but the new views really don’t even look like blogs any more. I think I will stick with what I have for the time being.

  3. Maybe they will be more versatile when released. But I don’t care for them so far. If you desire to do any affiliate marketing, or have badges, they don’t seem to display either.

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