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Blogger Adds New Gadgets – Popular Posts and Blog Stats


Blogger has announced the addition of two new gadgets: Popular Posts and Blog’s Stats. According to the Blogger Buzz post yesterday, these two gadgets were previously released in Blogger in Draft and based on feedback they are now ready for all users of Blogger to add them to their own blogs.

  • To access the new gadgets, log in at Blogger, click Design and then click Add a Gadget. The Add a Gadget dialog appears:

Blogger Gadgets - Add A Gadget Dialog

  • Select Popular Posts and the Configure Popular Posts dialog appears:

Blogger Gadgets - Popular Posts Dialog

  • Enter the title and select how to display the posts. Click Save.  The Popular Posts gadget appears in your sidebar.

Blogger Gadgets - Popular Posts

  • Next, return to the Add a Gadget dialog and select Blog’s Stats and the Configure Blog’s Stats dialog appears:

Blogger Gadgets - Stats Widget Dialog

  • Enter the title and select how to display the stats. Click Save.  The Total Pageviews gadget appears in your sidebar.

Blogger Gadgets - Total Pageviews

The examples above are from my personal genealogy blog Destination: Austin Family.  For now, I will leave these gadgets in the sidebar so folks can go and take a look.  However, I am not sure if I want to leave them long-term and here’s why:

  • I’ve gotten away from advertising my page counts etc. And I’m not sure how far back this number goes – is it since July 1, 2010 when Blogger announced its new Stats feature? Or is it since I started the blog in December 2006? I know if I track the same stats on Feed Burner or some other analytics, the count is much higher. If someone can pinpoint this info, please share it with the GeneaBloggers readers in the comments.
  • The Popular Posts can easily be skewed as is evident with my example: one of the most popular is Christmas Card Conundrum from the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories. The only reason this post appears on the popular list is because many spam blogs have been hitting it and linking to it.

So, will you be using these new gadgets on your Blogger blog? Let us know in the comments.

©2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

8 thoughts on “Blogger Adds New Gadgets – Popular Posts and Blog Stats

  1. I just added them both to give them a try. The most popular posts means more to me than the page views, as I find it interesting to see which posts are being read.

    Will see how it goes.

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