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Blog2Print Turns Your Blog Into A Book

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If you’ve ever considered printing selected posts and images from your genealogy blog to share as a keepsake with family, consider Blog2Print.

Blog2Print lets you choose your posts and photos to include in a full-color, soft-cover or even hard-cover book.  You can even include comments and add other materials not posted on your blog.

Blogger has just announced a partnership with Blog2Print but you can also take advantage of its features if you have a Wordpress or Typepad blog.

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7 thoughts on “Blog2Print Turns Your Blog Into A Book

  1. I have been looking for a way to preserve my blog, with photos and formatting. This is close, it saves the photos, but, some of the pages did not reproduce in the way I have them laid out. I like that I can just get a digital copy, as I am not sure I want a hard copy print out at this time. Gonna keep my eye on this, and will try again to see how the pages freeze or not.

  2. Great idea, Thomas. But, is it safe to enter your blog’s password on their site to see the sample? (I’m overly paranoid after having my stuff stolen recently.) They say it’s not stored on the system…has anyone tried it?

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