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Blog Type Spotlight – Genealogy Society Blogs


One of the growing areas for genealogy blogs is genealogical and historical societies.  More and more of these organizations are finding it easier to get word out on events and research resources as well as benefits of membership in their group.

We currently list 17 genealogy and historical society blogs and we add more each week!

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6 thoughts on “Blog Type Spotlight – Genealogy Society Blogs

  1. Thomas,

    Thanks so much for featuring society blogs. In this belt-tightening environment, genealogical societies are even more under siege and blogs provide a cheap (free!) method of communicating with our members. I take my hat off to the many gen-bloggers who keep up with their research, blog about it, participate in “life” and are active in their local societies. How do you do it all?!

  2. Thank you for creating an article focusing on the society blogs. This has several benefits. For those societies who are thinking of perhaps having a blog, they can see what other societies are doing. It is also a way of letting people know what societies are blogging. I wasn’t aware that the Ontario Genealogical Society Conference 2010 had a blog. I will now subscribe to it so that I am kept up to date on the planning for the event.

    A little over a year ago, the Grey County Historical Society was wondering whether we should have a blog and/or a web site. In the end, we went with both back in February. I look after both. As I enjoy blogging, it is fun and easy to update the blog. This is where I post our photographs of events.

    Janet Iles (aka Janet the Researcher and researchergal)

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