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How To Blackout Your Blog for SOPA

sopa blackout sample

If you followed our previous post here at GeneaBloggers about the SOPA blackout, you might be wondering how you can participate and either go for a total blackout on your site or add a “Stop SOPA” ribbon. Here are some resources:



  • SOPA Blackout Template at has a javascript code (scroll down to the bottom) to be added to your blog’s HTML template right before the “head” end tag.  Take a look at one of my minor blogs – Grandma Austin’s Diaries – to see what the end result will look like . . . not only a blackout but some useful resources.The code:

    window.location = &quot;;;

    Here is how the code looks on my blog template . . . you must go to Design, click on Edit HTML and scroll down to just before the </head> tag (click to embiggen):

    SOPA blackout blogger code

  • BloggerMint SOPA Ribbon at has a ribbon that appears on your Blogger blog instead of a total blackout.



Please be sure you know the resources you are using and the sites to which you are linking during the blackout.  This is an opportunity ripe for scammers – don’t fall prey to something that looks neat and might cause problems for your site or accounts tomorrow!

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