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Beware Ersatz Genealogy Blog Awards


I was just notified via email (actually three emails because I guess the sender just was so excited!) with the subject line of “We Love Your Blog!” Attention is nice, so of course, I had to open the email.

we love your blog

When you receive such awards, do you really know the source and motivation of that recognition? Just like our genealogy research, remember it is our duty to check the source and to place it in context!

It turns out that this website has tried this ploy before with genealogy bloggers (and other bloggers too). They are simply looking for reciprocal links and traffic from your site. Rather than send an email requesting a reciprocal link, they dress it up as an honor for you and your blog.

Don’t take the bait.  Also, if you’ve noticed I have not mentioned the name of the site or even placed a link in this post – to the extent of just using an image of their email. I refuse to feed them traffic so they can continue perpetuating this scheme.

Legitimate awards will come from your colleagues or those in the genealogy industry. I’m always wary of those who aren’t in the “biz” and who want to throw some accolade my way. I’ve already informed the latest poseur that I’m not interested.

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11 thoughts on “Beware Ersatz Genealogy Blog Awards

  1. Thomas, you got up earlier than Ol’ Myrt here did today as you are right no top of things.

    I received three such “awards” in my email this morning and recognized they originated from the same place that offered me this award earlier this year.

    I know we can break out of our genea-boxes from time to time, but in this type of award area, I think not.

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