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Australia Day 2012

australia day

Shelley at Twigs of Yore has issued an invitation/challenge to all genealogy bloggers with Australian ancestry in celebration of Australia’s national holiday:

To participate, choose someone who lived in Australia (preferably one of your ancestors) and tell us how they toiled. Your post should include:

  1. What was their occupation?
  2. What information do you have about the individual’s work, or about the occupation in general?
  3. The story of the person, focussing on their occupation; or
    The story of the occupation, using the person as an example.

Responses may be as long or short as you like, and as narrow or broad as you wish.

Publish your post on or before Australia Day (26 Jan 2012) and leave a comment here or send me an email with the URL. I will create a summary post of the responses.

I decided to repost Shelley’s challenge so that all the members of GeneaBloggers could either read the posts or participate if they have Australian roots. And while it is only January 25th here in the States, our Down Under friends have already started celebrating what with the time zone difference.

Congratulations to Shelley for inspiring others to blog around this common theme. To learn more about Australia Day and Australian history, visit the Australia Day website.
Here are the latest posts about Australia Day from members of GeneaBloggers:

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