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APG Dues Increase – Is It Worth It?

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Yesterday, I received an email from Kimberly Powell, President of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) explaining that the annual dues for APG would increase on 1 July 2014 from $65 USD to $100 USD. While that seems to be quite a jump in price (over 50%), the email and a subsequent FAQ (in the APG member’s section) pointed out that there had not been an increase in dues since 2004 (ten years ago!). In addition, if one were to look merely at keeping up with the pace of inflation over the past decade, the dues rate should be at least $80 USD.

APG members can review the following information to get a better understanding of why the APG board has raised the dues and also a picture of APG finances:

For non-APG members, you may want to contact APG with your questions.

Is the APG Dues Increase Justified?

I agree with Judy Russell of The Legal Genealogist, a fellow APG member: an APG membership is worth every penny, even at $100 USD. And I’ll add this: what you derive from any professional organization membership is directly in proportion to both how you use that membership and what you contribute to the organization.

Are you taking advantage of all the webinars, online discussions and even the Virtual Chapter (which meets via Google+ Hangout each month)? Are you attending the Professional Management Conferences, and if you can’t attend, are you taking advantage of the live streaming?

APG has so much to offer, even for someone like me. I consider myself more of a “genealogy professional” rather than a “professional genealogist” but there are more than enough resources that I’m able to use in my business to justify an APG membership – even at the new price.

My Challenge to APG Members

Here’s a challenge to those who feel that the amount of the dues increase is unjustified: renew NOW before the 1 July 2014 increase and take full advantage of that discounted year of membership. Then in 2015 when you have to renew again, look back and closely examine not just what APG has offered, but whether or not you actually took advantage of those offerings.

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