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Announcing The Winter 2010 GeneaBloggers Games

Winter 2010 GeneaBloggers Games

In keeping with the spirit of that other event in the media and taking place in Canada this year, you are invited to participate in the Winter 2010 GeneaBloggers Games beginning Friday, 12 February 2010 through Saturday, 27 February 2010.

Why Games?

“Do we really need another activity for genealogy bloggers?”  Probably not, but this chance only comes around every two years and the Summer 2008 GeneaBloggers Games were such a success at attracting new bloggers and getting established bloggers to energize their sites.  Also what with the upcoming media exposure being given genealogy (via Faces of America and Who Do You Think You Are?), there is an opportunity to communicate to those new to genealogy that it is an activity filled with fun and intellectually stimulating challenges.

And don’t forget, the Winter 2010 GeneaBlogger Games can also be a great spectator sport! There is no pressure to participate or any requirement for certain levels of participation.

How It Works

Just like that other event, we will have Opening Ceremonies including a parade of heritage flags and Closing Ceremonies with medal standings.

As for competition, we are working on the “honor system” so you keep track of the tasks completed and award yourself the appropriate medal (bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond) according to the level achieved.

For details please see the Winter 2010 GeneaBloggers Game page here on GeneaBloggers.

Competition Categories

Competition will take place in the following categories:

1.  Go Back and Cite Your Sources
2.  Back Up Your Data
3.  Organize Your Research
4.  Expand Your Knowledge
5.  Write, Write, Write!
6.  Reach Out and Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness

See Competition Categories – Winter 2010 GeneaBloggers Games for details.

Questions? Comments?

Remember: If you have any questions about participation rules or the criteria for the categories, please post them in the Comments section below or email us at

© 2010, Thomas MacEntee

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