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Announcing GeneaPress


One thing that constantly amazes me about the genealogy blogging community – and the genealogy community in general – is the willingness to look for creative solutions to problems and issues.  Perhaps it was the RootsTech environment which, for me was a “petri dish of ideas” during a very intense three day period, that led to the creation of GeneaPress. Perhaps it was just timing. Perhaps it was just the convergence of all these factors.

What is GeneaPress?

GeneaPress is a communal effort by the genealogy and family history blogging community to manage the large number of press releases received from genealogy vendors and organizations. The goal is to create a repository where bloggers can link to the latest news about the genealogy industry.

Is GeneaPress Really Necessary?

I think so, and here’s why:

  • There are weeks when I receive 10 or more press releases and I really want to post all of them but due to time constraints I can’t.  With GeneaPress, I can see if the press release has already been posted.  If it hasn’t, then I can post it for the rest of the community.
  • Many of my readers and readers of other genealogy blogs complain of “regurgitation” of press release information fed to us by the genealogy industry as well as genealogical societies and organizations.  GeneaPress allows me to editorialize and give my opinion about a press release in my posts yet still give exposure to the supplier of the press release. Also, comments are turned off at GeneaPress so that opinions about the news can be share at individual genealogy blogs.
  • I also like the fact that bloggers can still post the entire press release at their site if they want.  GeneaPress is merely a convenience.  It is a blog with its own RSS feed and allows anyone to “subscribe” to the latest genealogy press releases.

The Ground Rules

  1. Genealogy bloggers who receive a press release can post it at GeneaPress if it has not already been posted.
  2. Press releases posted at GeneaPress should not contain affiliate links or any links that would benefit the author financially or in the form of web traffic.
  3. Genealogy bloggers can still post the press release at your own genealogy blog if you’d like.
  4. Comments are turned off on all posts. If you want to editorialize about the news contained in a press release, please do so on your own blog.
  5. Genealogy bloggers are encouraged to link to press releases here at GeneaPress especially for daily or weekly review posts such as Follow Friday.
  6. A roll-up widget listing the latest press releases is available for posting in your blog’s sidebar. See GeneaPress News Widget for more information.
  7. GeneaPress is limited to 100 authors. If you would like to have Author rights to post press releases, please see GeneaPress Author Application for more information.

How You Can Use GeneaPress

There are many ways genealogy bloggers and the entire genealogy community can use GeneaPress:

  • Anyone can submit a genealogy-related press release to GeneaPress by emailing it to
  • Any blogger can link to individual press release posts at GeneaPress.
  • Podcasters and radio show hosts can check in at GeneaPress as a source of some of the latest press releases to be used on their shows.


Your feedback and ideas about GeneaPress are appreciated.  And like any new idea, it will probably need adjustments and tweaks over the next few weeks and months. But I know our community and I know that we can create a resource that serves us and all of genealogy.

©2011, copyright Thomas MacEntee

9 thoughts on “Announcing GeneaPress

  1. Great way to help us organize our blog reading and have more time to read more posts. Thanks, from someone who loves keeping up on the latest in the geneaworld.

  2. Fascinating idea! Do press releases have to come from companies? Can they come from individuals/societies/organizations that may be smaller but still wish to share information in a more widespread fashion than readership they may get on their own site? Is this going to be like the “Associated Press” for genealogy? 🙂

  3. Taneya

    Love the idea of “AP” for genealogy! Yes, individuals such as professional genealogists can submit a press release, societies, etc. That is the idea. Sort of like PRWeb for Genealogy too!

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