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Announcing Cycle 4 of the Genealogy Do-Over

The Genealogy Do-Over is restarting! Cycle 4 begins on Friday 2 October 2015 at GeneaBloggers - so if you missed your chance, join us on the next journey!


The Genealogy Do-Over is restarting! Cycle 4 begins on Friday 2 October 2015 at GeneaBloggers - so if you missed your chance, join us on the next journey!

Back on 15 December 2014, I made a big announcement: I was getting rid of 20+ years of past genealogy research and starting over. Some people said I was crazy. Some people said the idea was just “stupid” and wasteful.

But almost 10,000 genealogists and family historians have either been actively participating in this crazy project or have followed it over at the Genealogy Do-Over Facebook Group. Many have said that they finally have a methodology and format for research that they can live with AND that can bring them results.

Still more have taken the collaborative effort to heart and have shared their own work, their own templates as well as tips and tricks. The Genealogy Do-Over has been as close to a “genealogy hack-athon” and an exercise in group problem solving as I could want.

I want to thank . . .

  • everyone who has stuck it out to the end of Week 13 in either Cycle 1, Cycle 2, Cycle 3 or all cycles so far;
  • everyone who admitted they needed more time and made the 13-week schedule work for them;
  • those who simply followed discussions and promised they’d join in for Cycle 4;
  • those who didn’t want to do a complete “do-over” so development a review of their previous research;
  • every vendor who offered a special discount coupon or free item for participants; and
  • everyone who helped spread the word and took time to explain the craziness that is the Genealogy Do-Over

Cycle 4 – Genealogy Do-Over

So we start again on Friday, 2 October 2015 back at Week 1. To get ready, here are some things you can do, whether you are a repeat participant from Cycles 1 through 3 or brand new with Cycle 4:

  • Read the original announcement from 15 December that outline what motivated me to create the Genealogy Do-Over
  • Review the Schedule of Topics for Cycle 4 here
  • Look for the “Introduce Yourself” post at the Facebook Group for Cycle 4 – say hello to everyone!
  • Sign up for the email list here to receive each week’s topic info vial e-mail

I will be actively participating in Cycle 4 as I did with Cycles 1 through 3.

Genealogy Do-Over 2016: A Monthly Program

And here is some big news for those of you wondering if the Genealogy Do-Over will continue in 2016! The answer is YES, but in a different format. Starting 1 January 2016, we’ll revert to a monthly schedule of topics. This means I’ll take the same topics for the 13-week program and group them differently so there is more time to spend on each set of topics.

Many genealogy societies want to set up SIGs (special interest groups) to focus on the Genealogy Do-Over and the monthly configuration will greatly assist them in this type of project.

Look for more information about the 2016 Genealogy Do-Over program in late November 2015.

* * *

So stay tuned, bookmark and watch for the Week 1 post on Friday 2 October 2015!

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