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AncestryDNA Launches “DNA Circles”

Today, AncestryDNA announced improved DNA Matching including a new feature: DNA Circles. From the website on the DNA tab

AncestryDNA DNA Circles

Today, AncestryDNA announced improved DNA Matching including a new feature: DNA Circles. From the website on the DNA tab:

We’ve completely re-written the book on how DNA matches are determined, creating new and improved ways to identify genetic relationships. What this means is that our matching is far more accurate with far fewer low confidence matches.

Here is the full announcement on the blog:

Here is a screen shot of the DNA Circles information which is listed as being in BETA:

Description of new AncestryDNA feature, DNA Circles

DNA Circles

In order to access the new DNA Circles as it applies to your own data, you must be an subscriber and maintain a Public Tree linked to your DNA results. (Note: DNA results that did not require a subscription for before this update, still do not require a subscription – just the new features now require an subscription.)

Sample of DNA Circles at AncestryDNA

Currently, I am not included in any DNA Circles, but I am certain this will change over time as more relatives are tested and data is compiled.

New DNA Matching Algorithm

Other changes include better DNA matching which will result in the number of matches in your DNA tab. If you feel you’ve “lost” matches – DON’T PANIC! This is not the case! I think Blaine Bettinger at The Genetic Genealogist describes it much better than I can – so check out Goodbye False Positives! AncestryDNA Updates its Matching Algorithm for more information.

Old DNA Matches on AncestryDNA

UPDATE: I just heard from that the ability to download old DNA matches is now available! 

Finally, my contacts at have told me that users will be able to download old DNA matches for a limited time.

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One thought on “AncestryDNA Launches “DNA Circles”

  1. On another Blog, Blaine Bettinger made some comments on this suject.

    Blaine, you said: “However, automatically complaining about the loss of a match because you’ve “proven” a common ancestor and you have shared DNA is NOT a valid complaint without considerable additional evidence.”

    AncestryDNA says on these new changes: “Less is More”

    George Jones says to AncestryDNA’s Tim Sullivan: “Hogwash” … “LESS is WAY TOO MUCH LESS”. AncestryDNA did not do any or sufficient customer facing Beta Tests and these PhD inspired changes show it. With a Beta Test of 100 or 500 Customers, AncestryDNA would have easily found out IT’S NOT A BRILLIANT IDEA TO ELIMINATE A CUSTOMER’s STARRED RELATIVES … BUT THEY DID IT ANYWAY! This is analogous to Apple coming out with a IOS software update and erasing all your FAVORITES in the Phonebook.

    So, YES! Blaine, I am complaining about the loss of my “GOOD” “STARRED MATCHES” Who in the heck is AncestryDNA or Tim Sullivan to say othervise. He deserves to lose his job over this. I recommend customers switch from AncestryDNA to FTDNA.

    Blaine, you can try to say this Pig is a Silk Purse but others know that AncestryDNA is not worth the money or the headaches any more.

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