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ddos attack

ddos attack


Update 1:00 pm CDT 17 June 2014

See Distributed Denial of Service Attack Neutralized – Ancestry’s official response to the recent outages.

Update 11:30 am CDT 17 June 2014

Find A Grave seems to be working right now. Also, Ancestry just sent this notes to its affiliates (who make income from selling Ancestry products on their blogs and websites):

Dear Affiliates,

As you may have already noticed, we have been experiencing intermittent site outages. We know this impacts you negatively and we sincerely apologize for that. The developer team is working hard to resolve the issues and we hope to be back functioning in a stable manner soon.

Thank you for your understanding.

Update 10:00 am CDT 17 June 2014 and Find A Grave are still not accessible as of right now. JewishGen is also powered by and has had intermittent service but appears to be up for the time being.

Update 8:30 am CDT 17 June 2014 is down again – a message at the Ancestry Facebook Page states “Unfortunately, the issues we were experiencing yesterday continue today and our service is not currently available. We will keep you posted as we have news to share.”, and RootsWeb are all accessible; Find A Grave is not accessible right now. More updates later today as well as an “official” answer from to confirm that this is a DDoS attack.

Update 11:00 pm CDT 16 June 2014

Seems that RootsWeb, fold3, and are accessible on a consistent basis. and Find A Grave are sporadic in terms of connectivity. We’ll update again tomorrow morning.

Update 9:00 pm CDT 16 June 2014

As of 9:00 pm CDT is back up.

Update 7:00 pm CDT 16 June 2014

Right now and appear to be back up.

* * *

Right now, as of 5:00 pm CDT, is down as well as many other sites including fold3, Find A Grave and even RootsWeb hosted sites for many genealogy societies.

Information received from our contacts at leads us to believe the outage is due to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack similar to what plagued Evernote and Feedly last week.

Stay tuned here at GeneaBloggers for updates.

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