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Alert – Upgrade Scams via Email


We received a message from one of our faithful readers and members concerning emails about upgrading versions of software.  This is important information for all members of GeneaBloggers to understand!


You might receive emails asking you to click a link to upgrade your copy of Adobe Reader or Skype. Those links actually take you to other 3rd party sites asking you to purchase

  • Action Required : Upgrade New Adobe Acrobat Reader 2011 For Windows and Mac
    Go to
  • Download New Skype Software For Your Windows And Mac

I have purposely omitted the links above. Using these URLs will take you to websites that even use the same colors as the authentic websites to try and trick the unsuspecting into using their links for downloads. The Skype imposter actually offers this disclaimer in very tiny print at the bottom of their site:

Disclaimer: This website has no affiliation whatsoever with the owner of this software program and does not re-sell or license software. All software is freeware and/or shareware with the understanding that the user may need or want to pay for it later. Membership is for unlimited access to our site’s resources. We provide an organized website with links to third party freeware and shareware software, technical support, tutorials and step by step guides.


As I teach in my Facebook classes and in fact all my classes: never click a link in an email.  Period. If it is true, go to the site, such as Facebook and you’ll see a notification for a new friend, or a new event etc.

Same is true for updates to legitimate software you’ve already installed! Open the program and if in doubt, go to the Help menu.  Very often there will be an upgrade option and you can verify if you have the correct version of the software.


‘Tis the season to rip off the unwary consumer.  Remember December is the month when many of these companies employ desperate and questionable practices to pad their bottom line by selling unnecessary programs by the end of their fiscal year. Don’t fall prey to their tactics.

©2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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