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Set Up Affiliate Marketing for Your Genealogy Blog or Website

If you are a genealogy blogger or a website owner I need to let you in on a secret: many members of GeneaBloggers use affiliate marketing as part of their blog or website.

Here’s why:

  • The income generated can help defray the costs of website hosting services.
  • Many genealogists use the income to purchase genealogy-related books and services to further their own research.
  • Genealogy societies count on the income to provide better programs and services to their members.

There are many different affiliate programs available and almost every vendor in the genealogy marketplace including Ancestry, ShopFamilyTree and others, offer an affiliate program. The easiest way to find them is to either search on Google for the vendor name plus the word “affiliate” or scroll to the bottom of the website and look for the affiliate link.

Be Part of The Holiday Rush – Don’t Delay!

While many folks may not start their gift shopping online until after Thanksgiving, more and more deals will start to pop up online tomorrow, November 1st.  You need to be ready at your blog or website if you want to take advantage not only of various affiliate programs, but also the coupons they offer to affiliates as well.

Ever wanted to learn more about how affiliate programs work?  Stay tuned . . . I have FREE resources including a webinar recording, slide shows and more below!

Flip-Pal® Affiliate Program

I’m fortunate to be part of the Flip-Pal® mobile scanner team as the Flip-Pal Ambassador! What does this mean? Not only am I the proud owner of this amazing device that lets you scan and preserve photos and documents, but I also help individuals and genealogy societies better understand how the Flip-Pal works. I also write for the Flip-Pal genealogy blog and each week I share my thoughts on the meaning of genealogy and family history.

How Affiliate Programs Work

Did you know that you or your genealogy society can sign up and when visitors to your site purchase a Flip-Pal mobile scanner or accessories through a special link, the society earns money to support its programs?

Participating in any affiliate program is often a new venture for many.  There are lots of questions, and you or your society leaders want to know more . . . and I’ve just created materials  to help bring you on board.

In addition, you can always contact me to learn more about how other genealogy societies and individuals, are becoming part of a variety of genealogy affiliate programs. Email me at for more information.

Affiliate Tools You Can Use

I’ve created the following materials that you can use to learn how affiliate programs like the Flip-Pal® Affiliate program work. NOTE: While the Flip-Pal program and genealogy societies are the main focus here, there is plenty of information on how other affiliate programs work as well.  The knowledge is “transferrable” meaning it can be applied to individuals who want to start using affiliate links as well.

You are free to download and use these as necessary and hopefully you or your society will sign up to become a Flip-Pal affiliate!

  • Affiliate Programs for Genealogy Societies Video – View the 12-minute video below or click here to view the video online.

  • Affiliate Programs for Genealogy Societies Slide Show – View the slide show here at Slideshare, download the PDF version here,  or click here to download a PowerPoint show you can use at a society meeting.

  • Flip-Pal Affiliate Program Flyer –  This one page flyer explains how the Flip-Pal® Affiliate Program works and is perfect to hand out to your society leaders and members. Click here to download.
  • Flip-Pal Pathways to Profits – A one page flyer explaining how your society can earn even more by meeting different sales levels or even recruiting others as affiliates. Perfect for state societies that want to recruit their member societies! Click here to download.
  • FREE Genealogy Articles – That’s right!  Flip-Pal knows that it isn’t always easy to provide informative and education content through your society’s publications. Click here to download the current article and also sign up to receive an email alert when new articles are available!
And stay tuned . . .  I’ll soon be starting a section here at GeneaBloggers and a group on Facebook about affiliate marketing!

Sign Up to Become a Flip-Pal Affiliate Today

Click here to sign up today so you can start earning money to support your “genealogy habit.” If you have a blog or website, or if your church, genealogy society or social group has a web presence, you can earn income and help others preserve their precious photos and family memories.

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