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Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories Returns for 2013

Preview - Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2013

GeneaBloggers – the genealogy community’s resource for blogging – announces the return of the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories beginning Sunday, 1 December 2013.

In late 2007, several genealogy bloggers had an idea: why not create an Advent calendar using different Christmas and holiday-related topics for each day?  Why not prompt other genealogy bloggers to write about family traditions and how they or their ancestors celebrated Christmas? Thus was born the first Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories also known as ACCM.

How It Works

1. Below you will find the prompts for each day leading up to December 25th. Topics cover Christmas trees, holiday foods, travel, religious services and more. We want to know how you, your family and your ancestors all celebrated or continue to celebrate these traditions. NOTE: the prompts have changed for 2013 in both sequence and content!

2. You aren’t required to submit a certain number of posts! The Christmas season is meant to be enjoyable and is already littered with too many deadlines.  The goal here is to have genealogy and family history bloggers write posts of interest to them – from one to twenty-four posts!  ACCM is meant to be fun not a burden.

3. The public is  invited to submit their blog post for inclusion at ACCM simply by posting about that day’s particular topic and by including this statement at the end of their post:

“The Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories (ACCM) allows you to share your family’s holiday history twenty-four different ways during December! Learn more at”

4. Those who participated in previous years are welcome to repost their earlier entries or create new ones.  Most of the topics are the same anda few of the dates even line up with those in previous years.

5. Starting Sunday 1 December 2013, the Advent Calendar post for that day will appear at the top of the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories blog.

6. Posts with images will be pinned to a special ACCM board at Pinterest (see preview below). Your post must contain a suitable image in order to be pinned.

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