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Our 900th Genealogy Blog – Faces Of America

Faces Of America

We’ve hit a milestone here at GeneaBloggers this afternoon – adding our 900th genealogy blog!  And the extra-special honor goes to the blog for the Faces of America television series which premieres on the PBS network 10 February 2010!

I swear I didn’t plan it this way.  Honest.  For some reason I didn’t realize there was an accompanying blog to the television series until I received a Google Alert.  I had already prepared the New Genealogy Blogs post (look for it tomorrow, Saturday 6 February 2010) and I knew we were close to 900.  By time I updated the post, I realized I could make it official.

Congratulations to Faces Of America for being #900!  And while we journey towards number 1,000 (can you believe it?), please stop by and visit the Faces Of America blog.  And don’t forget to tune in on 10 February!

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15 thoughts on “Our 900th Genealogy Blog – Faces Of America

  1. Good question Mary – there are some genealogy blogs that aren’t active anymore – but I leave them on the list so they can be searched in our search engine – the content still has value to our readers.

    My rough estimate is there are about 500 active genealogy blogs.

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