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52 Weeks to Better Genealogy – Challenge 41 – Message Boards

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy – Challenge 41

Week 41: Review message board posts that pertain to your genealogy interests, or in your local area. One of the best places to browse lists is the RootsWeb index page that’s part of Use this week to browse some lists and see the types of questions that are being asked. If you’re very familiar with RootsWeb, return to some of the lists you haven’t visited in a while. Some queries are written better than others, so note what information you think is essential to a good discussion post. Blog authors can discuss any aspect of message boards and their posts with readers.

This challenge runs from Saturday, October 9, 2010 through Friday, October 15, 2010.

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Here are the latest posts from GeneaBloggers members on this week’s challenge:


52 Weeks To Better Genealogy by Amy Coffin is a series of weekly blogging prompts that are a bit more challenging and are geared towards those new to the field of genealogy and family history as well as those who want to brush up on some skills which might be a bit rusty. Please include an attribution link if you participate.

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