What Impact Will WDYTYA Have On Your Blog?

If you haven’t already heard – it is the worst kept secret on the geneablogosphere today – NBC is launching a new series entitled “Who Do You Think You Are” with episodes about the ancestry of specific celebrity participants.  And as Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings mentions today, we all should be ready for an uptick in interest in the field of genealogy.

While Randy’s post focused more on genealogy societies and researchers, what impact will it have on geneabloggers?  It only seems natural that after the first episode of WDYTYA ends on April 20, viewers may walk over to their computers and begin looking into their own family roots.

Are you as a geneablogger ready for, hopefully, an uptick in readers and new followers? Are virtual organizations such as Association of Graveyard Rabbits or Geneabloggers ready for new members?  Are carnivals such as the Carnival of Genealogy ready for more entries?

What plans to do you have to handle more visitors, more followers or more participation?  Will you actively market to these potential new genealogists or wait for them to find your blog?

Geneabloggers would love to hear your ideas in the Comments section.  And while I don’t expect WDYTYA to have the same impact as the debut of Roots did over  30 years ago, who knows what will happen with the debut of WDYTYA on April 20?

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