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I’ve found a great new site that allows you to create a contact form which  is: a) prominently displayed in the left margin, b) easy for visitors to use, c) very customizable, and d) easy to add to your blog.  Oh, and did I mention you can set up an auto-responder to let the person know you’ve received their message? Sweet! The site is called Visitor Contact and an example can be found here on GeneaBloggers. I don’t need to do a step-by-step description with screen captures on how to set up your own Visitor Contact button since the site is very straightforward and does a good job at walking you through the process. Here is a brief description of the process:

  1. Signup at Visitor Contact.
  2. Assign a name to your contact form, add your site URL, your e-mail address and decide if you want the email address displayed.
  3. Add physical address information (optional).
  4. Add phone, fax, Twitter username and Skype username (optional).
  5. Add auto-responder info including the body of the confirmation message.
  6. Design your contact button including color and location.
  7. Then copy the “code” and paste it into your blog’s template following before the </body> tag.*

For WordPress users there’s also a plugin which automagically places the Visitor Contact button on your blog. Visit Visitor Contact yourself and see if this method of adding contact forms will work for your blog or website!

* For Blogger users, on your Dashboard click EditLayout and then Edit HTML.  The </body> tag will appear towards the bottom of the code.  Paste the Twitter badge code before the tag.

For WordPress users, on your Admin panel, go to Appearance and click Editor.  For most WordPress templates you will need to access the Header portion of the code (click Header in the right sidebar).  The </body> tag will appear towards the bottom of the code.  Paste the Twitter badge code before the tag.

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4 thoughts on “Visitor Contact – an Easy Contact Form Button for Your Blog

  1. Hmmm. I can’t the pages on their web site to load. Verrrry slow. Also, I don’t think the contact button on your site is working. When I click on it I don’t get a form where I can input anything. All it says is:
    ” Foster and Clark,
    Chicago, IL, 60640,
    United States
    Twitter: @geneabloggers”

  2. I think Visitor Contact’s site is suffering from popularity and too many visitors. I believe they got a mention at recently – I know it was slow even at 3:00 am last night as I was writing this post. Hopefully things will speed up.

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