GeneaBloggers Ranks #83 on Top 100 Most Popular Genealogy Websites

genealogy in time

GenealogyInTime™ Magazine has put together a global list of the Top 100 Most Popular Genealogy Websites and GeneaBloggers has been listed at spot #83!

As stated in the article:

The Top 100 list is the end product of an extensive and exhaustive evaluation of thousands of genealogy websites. The list and the accompanying article provide a considerable amount of insight into the genealogy industry. It can also help you discover some interesting new genealogy websites.

You can read the Top 100 Most Popular Genealogy Websites and look at all the rankings and get a better understanding of the process.  In addition, Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings has a good overview of the Top 100 and you can read it here.

Thanks to all the readers and supporters of GeneaBloggers who help make this site possible!

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A reminder to all members of GeneaBloggers: in order for your blogiversary (the anniversary of when you started your genealogy blog) to be listed here at GeneaBloggers, you need to submit the following information using the Contact Form on the GeneaBloggers site:

  • The name of your blog
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Once I receive this information, your blogiversary will be entered into the various GeneaBloggers Calendars (see below).  In addition, on the day of your blogiversary I will mention you and your blog (with a link back to your blog) via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ via my social media network.

This is the only reasonable way for me to keep tabs on blogiversaries – you and your blog deserve the recognition but it won’t happen unless I have the information.

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Thank You for Your Donations to GeneaBloggers!


I want to thank all those who’ve donated to the upkeep and maintenance of the GeneaBloggers site this year.  With your continued financial support  -as well as your comments, your guest posts and your support of the GeneaBloggers concept on social media – we’ve been able to accomplish amazing things in 2011!

For those of you who are interested, there is a Donate button here at GeneaBloggers based on feedback from members of GeneaBloggers. Donations are now accepted via PayPal and will help defray the expenses incurred in running this resource for the genealogy community for 2012 and beyond.

Most readers know that I try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to money and how I earn my income in the genealogy industry. As I’ve always said, I don’t want to make a killing, I just want to make a living. I don’t expect donations to be an ongoing revenue stream but every little bit helps maintain this site.

As I stated in a post earlier this year:

It continues to be an honor to work with the genealogy blogging community and sometimes I step back and am amazed at not just the quantity and the quality of the content produced by our bloggers on a daily basis, but at how our role has grown in the genealogy community.

Please continue to send me your feedback, your comments and, yes, even your gripes and complaints. This is your community. I am merely someone who tries to make sense of it each day and present it to the world in a format which can be fully appreciated, fully understood and fully utilized.

Thank you.

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