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You may have seen some changes here at GeneaBloggers over the past week with some outages.  Let me explain what happened:

Since late 2010, I’ve been using as my hosting service since they specialized in hosting WordPress sites and they gave me a dedicated server for the cost of $25 a month.  Sounds too good to be true?  Well, everything was fine . . . at first.

Then became less and less responsive to my emails (but their invoice always showed up on time for payment).  Over the weekend, I was no longer able to get to the WordPress admin area.  Also, since July I’ve been noticing some weird behavior on posts, especially the Google cache versions: there would be spam text and links, but not on the live version. Basically I think that bailed and just abandoned its business without telling its clients.  Real smooth.

Well guess what?  It seems that since July 2012 someone else has taken over WURV’s servers since NONE of my content has been backed up since then.  Poof! Gone! So I’m not sure where I’ve been posting to for the last five months. As I work to upload content and recover items, I ask for your patience.  I may never be able to replace images posted from July – November 2012 here, but I’ll try.

For now I’m happy to be with which was recommended by many members of the Technology for Genealogy Group over at Facebook. Onward and upward!

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GeneaBloggers Travels to Salt Lake City 2012

Salt Lake City 1900

I’ll be in Salt Lake City, Utah for the next two weeks attending various genealogy events including the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (January 23-27, 2012), the Association of Professional Genealogists Professional Management Conference (February 1, 2012) and RootsTech (February 2-4, 2012).

It will be business as usual here at GeneaBloggers: the daily posts are already pre-posted, GeneaBloggers Radio will air episodes as scheduled on Fridays at 8pm Central time, and I’ll be reporting happenings from these events as much as possible.

And of course I’ll be totally “connected” the whole time – you should see my Swiss Gear backpack filled with technology including:

  • and a new iPhone 4s to do all of it on the go
If you are in Salt Lake City over the next two weeks, I hope our paths cross and I get to say “hi” and talk a little, or a lot, of genealogy!

©2012. copyright Thomas MacEntee