ConferenceKeeper & Geneabloggers proclaim February 1 as #GenealogySelfie Day

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The genealogy community is a friendly and rather social bunch. They share knowledge, information, documents, research triumphs and struggles, joys, sorrows – even pictures of cats. So why not selfies? Chances are good that if you’re on Facebook or Twitter, you have a hefty number of “genealogy” friends – many that you probably have never met in person, but regularly interact with through Likes, Shares, and Comments on one another’s posts. Peruse your list of “genealogy’ friends and you’ll most likely find that many use a photo of an ancestor, or a baby picture, as their profile pic. It adds quite the variety to your friends list, but you wouldn’t know them if you ran into them in the vendor hall at a conference, or sat next to them at a workshop. And with RootsTech just around the corner, there’s an opportunity to possibly run into thousands of them in person!

ConferenceKeeper and Geneabloggers are delighted to offer a solution. They are officially proclaiming February 1st as #GenealogySelfie Day – a day for social folks who love genealogy to snap a picture of themselves and share it on Facebook and/or Twitter with the hashtag #GenealogySelfie. It will be fun to put faces to names, and increase the chances of recognizing one another at RootsTech and other upcoming events and conferences.

Join in the fun for the first ever #GenealogySelfie Day on February 1.

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GeneaBloggers Celebrates Seven Years!

GeneaBloggers, the community resource for genealogy and family history blogging, turns seven years old on January 18, 2016

And then, we were seven.  Has time really flown by that fast? It was only yesterday that GeneaBloggers started with a listing of 400 genealogy and family history blogs. And on last year’s blogiversary we had 3,500 blogs listed – so we’ve grown by almost 1,000 blogs in a year! We are celebrating our 7th blogiversary today so here’s a gift for you: a brief history of GeneaBloggers.

GeneaBloggers History

GeneaBloggers is an online community resource listing over 4,500 genealogy and family history blogs all over the world. Blogs are listed when they are submitted by the owner of the blog or by one of their readers. The only qualification is that the blog have current articles and that it be focused on genealogy and family history.

Why Blogs?

Well very often as genealogists we need a way to write the stories of our ancestors and to write our own stories about how we found them.  Each day there are close to 500 articles created by our members who write up their research finds, post photos and documents, share the latest resources (online and offline), publicize webinars and events and generally just share their infectious enthusiasm for genealogy and family history.

Facts and Figures About GeneaBloggers

GeneaBloggers was started on January 18, 2009 by Thomas MacEntee, a genealogy professional, author and educator who realized the need for a community of genealogy bloggers.  In those seven years, the site has grown to include over 4,500 blogs from all over the world.

In addition there have been over 5,400 different articles posted at GeneaBloggers and the GeneaBloggers site averages 1.5 million views each month, including those reading via RSS feed readers.

How Can You Use the Resources at GeneaBloggers?

Even if you don’t have your own blog, you can search for your surnames across all 4,500+ blogs by clicking Search All Blogs at the top of the page. Also, check out Blog Resources which lists over links to sites about starting your own genealogy blog, managing your blog, and more.

If you are a blogger, click Suggest A Blog to submit your blog to be included at the GeneaBloggers site.  In addition, check out the About page for info on how to participate in various GeneaBloggers events such as the Daily Blogging Prompts.

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Scam Email to GeneaBloggers’ Members from Jamie Smith at – DISREGARD

Disregard any email about privacy policies from Jamie Smith at - it is a scam.

WARNING: As a member of GeneaBloggers you may have received an UNSOLICITED email from a “Jamie Smith” at stating ACTION REQUIRED related to a lack of a privacy policy on your blog. This is not only SPAM but also a marketing SCAM which I will explain below.

Spam Email from about Privacy Policy

Imagine that I have steam coming out of my head right now since I’ve had to interrupt my vacation to deal with a spammer/scammer. I have had to respond to NO LESS THAN 30 EMAILS OR MESSAGES related to this issue. I’m so sorry that many members of GeneaBloggers were bombarded with the following email today:

From: “Jamie Smith” <>
Date: May 18, 2015 10:11 AM
Subject: Action Required: ___________ Needs A Strong Privacy Policy
To: <____________>

Hi __________,

I recently visited your site from GeneaBloggers’ list of top Genealogy blogs, and I noticed that it does not feature a well-written privacy policy. I am a part of the team, a young startup dedicated to creating personal and legal templates that are customizable, easy to use and highly professional, and I wanted to let you know we can create a customized privacy policy for your site at absolutely no cost.

As an example of our work, check out the privacy policy we created for Saveur Magazine’s Best Cooking Blog of 2013, Not Without Salt:

We’re making this process completely free for you, because, as a small startup, we understand the difficulty of finding quality free resources to help manage and maintain a website.

Setting up your privacy policy is simple: just reply to this email with the preferred name and email address of your organization and we will send you a customized privacy policy that you can post on your website ASAP. Please do not hesitate to set up a phone call if you would like to further discuss privacy policies or how FormSwift can assist your website.



__________Jamie Smith


GeneaBloggers Does Not Sanction or Its Sleazy Marketing Practices

I want to reassure the members of GeneaBloggers – a group that I have worked hard to build over the past six years – that I have no involvement with and was unaware of this marketing tactic until this afternoon. I have not provided a list of blogs, blog owners or email addresses to at any time. In fact, I never sell or give away my list of emails of members of GeneaBloggers.  See below for our privacy policy here at GeneaBloggers and how you can get your own for FREE.

Why Do Sleazy Websites like Do This?

Here’s the reason: they basically want you to provide a link to their website in order to build their Google Page Rank and improve their SEO (search engine optimization). If you look closely at the sample privacy policy to which they refer in the email, it has a link back to

Is it illegal? No. Is it immoral? Some would say that is isn’t immoral, but LAZY. Rather than work hard and build a community – a tribe – like GeneaBloggers (which requires time, resources and money), they’d rather mooch off of my work and your work. Don’t fall for what looks like a “gift” of a free privacy policy.

FREE Privacy Policy for Bloggers from GeneaBloggers

Do you want a privacy policy like this one at GeneaBloggers? You have my permission to use it – for FREE.  No hoops to jump through. No spam emails. Nothing to buy or sign up for. No worries, no hassle and no Jamie Smith.

Report to the Federal Trade Commission for Spam Emails

What is doing is ILLEGAL and contrary to the various spam email laws here in the United States. They also want you to believe that somehow I’ve approved their actions. You can FORWARD the email from Jamie Smith to and state that it is unsolicited spam OR use this link here to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

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