Genealogy Selfie Day – 1 February 2017

Get ready to post a selfie on Wednesday, February 1st - Genealogy Selfie Day, sponsored by Conference Keepers is back! Use the #genealogyselfie hashtag . . .

Did you even know there was a Genealogy Selfie Day? Well now you do, and thanks to the efforts of the folks at Conference Keeper, it is back for a second year!

ConferenceKeeper and Geneabloggers have proclaimed February 1st as #GenealogySelfie Day – a day for social folks who love genealogy to snap a picture of themselves and share it on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter with the hashtag #GenealogySelfie.  It will be fun to put faces to names, and increase the chances of recognizing one another at RootsTech and other upcoming events and conferences.

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Photo credit: Alona Tester, Gould Genealogy – used by permission.

GeneaBloggers Celebrates Eight Years!

GeneaBloggers, the community resource for genealogy and family history blogging, turns eight years old on January 18, 2017

GeneaBloggers Celebrates Eight Years!

And then, we were eight.  Back in 2009, GeneaBloggers started with a listing of 400 genealogy and family history blogs. We now have over 3,400 blogs listed as we celebrate our 8th blogiversary today!

GeneaBloggers History

GeneaBloggers is an online community resource listing genealogy and family history blogs from all over the world. Blogs are listed when they are submitted by the owner of the blog or by one of their readers. The only qualification is that the blog have current articles and that it be focused on genealogy and family history.

Why Blogs?

Well very often as genealogists we need a way to write the stories of our ancestors and to write our own stories about how we found them.  Each day there are close to 500 articles created by our members who write up their research finds, post photos and documents, share the latest resources (online and offline), publicize webinars and events and generally just share their infectious enthusiasm for genealogy and family history.

Facts and Figures About GeneaBloggers

GeneaBloggers was started on January 18, 2009 by Thomas MacEntee, a genealogy professional, author and educator who realized the need for a community of genealogy bloggers.

In addition there have been over 6,300 different articles posted at GeneaBloggers and the GeneaBloggers site averages 1.5 million views each month, including those reading via RSS feed readers.

How Can You Use the Resources at GeneaBloggers?

Even if you don’t have your own blog, you can search for your surnames across all 3,400+ blogs by clicking Search All Blogs at the top of the page. Also, check out Blog Resources which lists over links to sites about starting your own genealogy blog, managing your blog, and more.

If you are a blogger, click Suggest A Blog to submit your blog to be included at the GeneaBloggers site.  In addition, check out the About page for info on how to participate in various GeneaBloggers events such as the Daily Blogging Prompts.

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GeneaBloggers – Member Mailing List

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GeneaBloggers – Member Mailing List

I’ve been pondering the creation of a special mailing list just for member bloggers who have their blog list here at GeneaBloggers. 

The list will be used to update you on genealogy conferences and social events where bloggers are meeting up, blogging issues esp. technical issues and any changes to the GeneaBloggers website. In addition, if a vendor has a special offer for bloggers including affiliate marketing, I may pass these on to you via email. The intent of the list is to make sure that you have the tools to succeed when it comes to genealogy blogging.

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