Which is the Best Data Backup Method for Genealogy?

data backup day

I can’t believe it is June already and another Data Backup Day has arrived (and passed). I’m hoping you’ve taken some time to backup your precious genealogy research and if not, there’s still hope . . . here is the latest information along with some recommendations:

The Latest in Data Backup Methods

There really is no excuse for not backing up your data these days; a variety of hardware devices, apps and other programs make the process easily and some even run in the background while you work!

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Data Backup Resources

GeneaBloggers has developed a resource list of data backup methodologies and solutions. Click here to learn how you can backup almost every aspect of your blog, your browser, your computer – even Macs!

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Review: Une Bobine for iPhone 5S

une bobine with laptop
Are you like me when it comes to my iPhone? If it isn’t in my pocket, then I’m always wondering where it is! And, there are certain things I only use my iPhone for and I wish there was a better way to integrate it into my home or traveling office. Well I’ve found what I needed: Une Bobine.


According to the Fuse Chicken website, “Une Bobine is a cable, dock, tripod and stand rolled together into the world’s most flexible iPhone charger. It’s small enough to fit in your travel bag, but strong enough to hold your iPhone in nearly unlimited places in your office, nightstand, kitchen, and car.”

une bobine

Une Bobine for iPhone 5|C|S is a great tool for someone like me who is constantly on the go. Une Bobine charges your iPhone, it syncs and it helps keep your iPhone accessible.

But Une Bobine is more than just a slick looking cable – it is a flexible stand that helps integrate your iPhone into your office desktop. Here’s how I’ve been using Une Bobine over the past week:

  • A client and I used Facetime on my iPhone to discuss a project – I was able to continue working with the iPhone connected to Une Bobine . . . I didn’t have to juggle my iPhone!
  • I was using the CamScanner app to scan some documents and rather than hold the phone in my hand, it was much more stable to have it sit in the Une Bobine. I’ve also used Shoebox from Ancestry.com with the Une Bobine connected with the same excellent results.
  • Sometimes it is just easier to look things up on my iPhone . . . now I know where it is all the time when I am working and I don’t need to search the house or, worse yet, call myself to figure out where it is!

And since I travel so much, I like the fact that Une Bobine is flexible, light-weight and goes into my Swiss Gear backpack with my other connectors. Now when I’m working in a hotel room or blogging from a genealogy conference, I know where my iPhone is at all times!


While I like “tech gadgets” I try to avoid buying “toys” that look good yet have limited performance. Une Bobine is a multi-function office tool and definitely not a toy or something that just looks good. Une Bobine is proof that something elegant can also be utilitarian and help improve your office functionality and productivity.

* * *

Une Bobine for iPhone 5|C|S is currently on sale for $34.95. Fuse Chicken also has Une Bobine available in other models and formats including For iPhone 4/4S ($19.95), Micro | USB ($19.95) and the Petite Bobine for Micro | USB (on sale for $7.95).

Technical Specifications

From the Fuse Chicken website:

  • 24 inches / 600 mm
  • iPhone 5/5S/5C Lightning Connector
  • USB connector


  • Une Bobine will fit most cases with the bottom of the iPhone open. The size of Une Bobine where it attaches to iPhone is 40mm x 6mm

Optional Accessories

  • Car Kit includes Car Charger and Dash Stability Clip
  • Protect Kit includes Crystal-Clear Slim Case

What Can Une Bobine Do?

  • Look very cool on your desk or table
  • Charge your phone by connecting to USB or a wall charger
  • Sync with a computer by connecting to USB
  • Adjust based on your mood
  • Place iPhone at eye level for FaceTime or Skype
  • Hold your phone steady for photography and videography
  • Hold your phone in position for GPS while driving (with optional Car Kit)
  • Position your iPhone as the perfect alarm clock
  • Did we mention that it looks very cool?

* * *

Disclosure statement: I have material connections with various vendors and organizations. To review the material connections I have in the genealogy industry, please see Disclosure Statements.

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Review: Zcan+ Full Featured Mouse Scanner

zcan+ scanner

What if you could find a scanner that would scan photos, scan documents and OCR (convert) the scanned text, scan a printed table into an Excel file, scan foreign language text and translate it to English, and also let you share your scans to Facebook and Twitter or send the scan right to Dropbox or Evernote? And what if this scanner was also your mouse? I’m not describing an “if” scenario or even a “when” scenario – such a scanner exists and it is the Zcan+ scanner available at Shop the Hound.


When I first received the Zcan+ scanner, I was skeptical that it would be able to perform all of the functions listed and do so quickly and efficiently. I already have a flat-bed scanner as well as a portable scanner, so I’m thinking, “Why would I need to hook up another device – another mouse, at that – and what could it do for me that other apps or devices couldn’t or wouldn’t do?”

Not only was I surprised at how quickly the Zcan+ installed on my desktop computer, but I was able to start scanning document and photos within five minutes.


Following the directions that come with the Zcan+, I loaded the CD/DVD and ran the setup.exe file before plugging the Zcan+ mouse into a USB port. When prompted, I connected the Zcan+ mouse and then I was up and running.

Note: I left my other mouse plugged in and installed (a Logitech wheel mouse) and both worked with no conflicts. Also, the Zcan+ will work with USB 3.0 but my older Dell desktop has USB 2.0, and again, no conflicts.

Here are more details on the minimum requirements in terms of operating system, etc.:

zcan+ tech specs

Basic Scanning

I took an old photo of my 1st cousins twice removed – Evelyn and Raymond Mehl – and placed it inside the plastic Scan Pad which comes with the Zcan+ scanner. I could have scanned right on top of the photo, but since you have to “drag” the mouse over the photo, I didn’t want to make direct contact with it and possibly damage the photo – so the plastic barrier helped.

zcan+ scanning photo

As you can see from the video below, I clicked the Scan button and then slowly dragged the mouse from left to right, then down and right to left until the entire image was scanned. The process was a bit awkward at first but I found the Zcan+ to be very forgiving: at one point I stopped and lifted up the mouse by mistake. I was able to just pick up where I left off and the Zcan+ program figured out what had already been scanned and added the new content.

Once I was done, the image appeared in “edit” mode and I could crop the edges, change color and brightness, etc. with the tools in the software that comes with the Zcan+.

zcan+ scanned photo

Once I clicked OK and a processing of less than a minute, I had several file options in the lower left corner: TIFF, JPG, PNG, even Microsoft Word!. I could save the file in these formats or do even more . . .

zcan+ file formats

Sharing Scans and Apps

Once the scan was completed, I could use the Share menu to send the scan to Facebook along with a message. The first time I shared on Facebook, I had to enter my credentials but I could then have Zcan+ remember them for future use. Other share options include Flickr, Twitter and email.

zcan+ share scan on Facebook

There are some neat options available in the Apps menu including sending the file to Dropbox or Evernote. Once sent to Evernote, as seen below, the Zcan+ tag is added so it is easy to find the note and then retag it or place it in a desired notebook.

zcan 05

Other App options include Google Search by Image (allows you to upload the scan and look for matches in Google Images) as well as using Google Translate (see below).

Scanning Tables

One of the most frustrating issues with scanning text in table or column format, is the way in which most OCR programs read the text. There is quite a bit of cleanup to be done and sometimes it is easier just to type the text.

I took a page from a 1960s church history which listed sponsors in one column and their location in another.

zcan+ scanned table

I scanned the page using the Zcan+ and after clicking OK and being presented with the file icons in the lower left, I opened the Excel format.

zcan+ scanned table in Excel

I was pleasantly surprised that all the text was legible and each entry in the first column was in its own cell. The contents of the second column were placed in the cells below, but I could easily cut and paste them to be in Column B as shown below. This was a big time saver and I could see using this feature for various indexes to be scanned for my genealogy research.

Scanning Text and Translating Foreign Text

Another nice feature is the ability of the Zcan+ to scan foreign text and then connect you to Google Translate to convert the text to English (or your desired language). I took a copy of Pablo Neruda’s Soneto XVII also known as “Red Poppy” or “I Do Not Love You” in Spanish and scanned the poem.

Once clicking OK and being presented with the file format icons, I clicked Apps and then Google Translate. The text was placed in the left screen using Detect Language and then I specified English and had a translation – easy peasy!

zcan+ scanned foreign language text

One issue with Google Translate: if there amount of text is very large, you’ll receive an error message – this is a Google function and not an issue with the Zcan+ software. When this happened, I clicked the Edit menu and selected Copy text then pasted it manually into Google Translate.


The Zcan+ scanner is a solid piece of equipment and its multi-function capabilities really fill in the gaps in terms of my everyday tools for my business and my genealogy research. I’ve been using it to scan receipts once I am home from a speaking engagement trip and I send them right to Evernote. If I find a passage in a book that I want to “clip” for later research, I don’t need to move all the junk off my flatbed scanner (you know what I’m talking about!) or pull out the portable scanner (which has its limits especially with a bound book. I just scan, click OK then send to Evernote or Dropbox and I can retrieve it later.

If it were up to me, I’d change two things on the Zcan+: I’d have a wireless option instead of a cord. Also, I’d have a larger scan pad and clearer plastic (perhaps with some replacement sheets. And while I’m at it . . . how about the ability to scan handwriting and decipher it? I know, for any scanner that would be a stretch . . .

For me, the Zcan+ is more than just a “tech toy” and I know I’ll be using it each and every day. In fact, I think I can now get rid of my Logitech mouse and I’ll revel in all that the Zcan+ scanner can do.

* * *

The Zcan+ scanner is available from Shop The Hound for $85 Canadian, and there are free shipping specials for buyers from Canada and the United States.

Disclosure statement: I have material connections with various vendors and organizations. To review the material connections I have in the genealogy industry, please see Disclosure Statements.

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