RootsMagic Adds MyHeritage Matching Technologies for Powerful Automatic Research Capabilities

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TEL AVIV, Israel & SPRINGVILLE, Utah – November 25, 2014: MyHeritage, the popular family history network, and RootsMagic, Inc., today jointly announced that MyHeritage’s Smart Matching™ and Record Matching technologies have been integrated into RootsMagic’s latest version of its popular genealogy software. This enables RootsMagic users to discover the life stories of their ancestors thanks to highly accurate matching between their family trees and millions of family trees and billions of global historical records available on MyHeritage.

RootsMagic, first released in 2003, is an award winning genealogy program for documenting and preserving family history. Its latest version 7, released this week, includes among its highlights a new feature named WebHints powered by MyHeritage matching technologies that transforms the program into a powerful research tool. WebHints also include hints from genealogy website FamilySearch for authenticated users. Information sent by RootsMagic to MyHeritage for matching is never collected or shared, and is deleted after matching to ensure the complete privacy of RootsMagic users and their data.

MyHeritage enables millions of families around the world to discover, share and preserve their family history on the MyHeritage website, mobile apps and desktop applications. In addition, MyHeritage is well known as a technology innovator. Its flagship technologies, Smart Matching™ and Record Matching, which generate automatic discoveries based on MyHeritage’s huge international database of family trees and historical records, are sought after within the family history space. Leading genealogy organizations are partnering with MyHeritage to integrate these technologies into their products.

“MyHeritage matches are a very exciting feature”, said RootsMagic, Inc.’s Vice President, Michael Booth. “It was like magic to me when the WebHints were first wired into RootsMagic and I opened my file and saw all the matches appear. I spent hours exploring and discovering newspaper articles, certificates, and records that I had never seen before. Our initial testers are also reporting that they have been having so much fun exploring the MyHeritage matches that they have had to pull themselves away to test the other features.”

“We’re thrilled to provide RootsMagic – an acclaimed genealogy software among the most popular in the USA – with our powerful matching technologies” said MyHeritage’s Founder & CEO Gilad Japhet. “This partnership will significantly accelerate discoveries for RootsMagic users and will expand the tremendous reach of MyHeritage.”

This announcement follows other integrations of MyHeritage matching technologies by British genealogy software, Family Historian and Dutch genealogy services Aldfaer and Coret Genealogie. Available on MyHeritage and through a wide set of partnerships, MyHeritage matching technologies have become the de facto standard for automatic discoveries for everyone interested in their family history

About MyHeritage

MyHeritage is the leading destination for discovering, sharing and preserving family history. As technology thought leaders and innovators, MyHeritage is transforming family history into an activity that’s accessible and instantly rewarding. Its global user community enjoys access to a massive database of historical records, the most internationally diverse collection of family trees, and ground-breaking search and matching technologies. MyHeritage is trusted by millions of families and provides them an easy way to share their story, past and present, and treasure it for generations to come. MyHeritage is available in 40 languages.

About RootsMagic, Inc.

For over 20 years, RootsMagic, Inc. has been creating computer software with a special purpose – to unite families. One of its earliest products, the popular Family Origins software, introduced thousands of people to the joy and excitement of family history.
That tradition continues today with RootsMagic, its award-winning genealogy software which makes researching, organizing, and sharing family history fun and easy.

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AncestryDNA Launches “DNA Circles”

AncestryDNA DNA Circles

Today, AncestryDNA announced improved DNA Matching including a new feature: DNA Circles. From the website on the DNA tab:

We’ve completely re-written the book on how DNA matches are determined, creating new and improved ways to identify genetic relationships. What this means is that our matching is far more accurate with far fewer low confidence matches.

Here is the full announcement on the blog:

Here is a screen shot of the DNA Circles information which is listed as being in BETA:

Description of new AncestryDNA feature, DNA Circles

DNA Circles

In order to access the new DNA Circles as it applies to your own data, you must be an subscriber and maintain a Public Tree linked to your DNA results. (Note: DNA results that did not require a subscription for before this update, still do not require a subscription – just the new features now require an subscription.)

Sample of DNA Circles at AncestryDNA

Currently, I am not included in any DNA Circles, but I am certain this will change over time as more relatives are tested and data is compiled.

New DNA Matching Algorithm

Other changes include better DNA matching which will result in the number of matches in your DNA tab. If you feel you’ve “lost” matches – DON’T PANIC! This is not the case! I think Blaine Bettinger at The Genetic Genealogist describes it much better than I can – so check out Goodbye False Positives! AncestryDNA Updates its Matching Algorithm for more information.

Old DNA Matches on AncestryDNA

UPDATE: I just heard from that the ability to download old DNA matches is now available! 

Finally, my contacts at have told me that users will be able to download old DNA matches for a limited time.

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