Frustrated with Backups Taking Too Long? Solution: External Hard Drive PLUS Wifi

Here's a special deal: a 1TB external hard drive PLUS wifi to backup all your mobile devices AND 1 year of online data backup - for just $59.50 from iDrive.

Yesterday 31 March was World Backup Day and guess what? I didn’t go into my usual spiel on the importance of backing up your genealogy data. Totally silent. We’re talking “crickets . . . .”

And here’s why: despite all the hoopla and the deals on external hard drives, I had something way better to offer you and the other folks in my “genealogy tribe” as I call them. How about a 1TB external hard drive, with wifi, and 1TB automatic online backup all for just $59.50 USD? I’ve gone and done it again: negotiated a special deal . . .

iDrive – How Do iLove Thee? Let Me Count the Ways . . .

I love the IDrive Universal Backup service because it lets you back up EVERYTHING — all of your PCs, Macs, mobile devices and even social media content. It’s super-easy and secure. But cloud backup has one drawback. It can take a long time to transfer all your data to the cloud, or retrieve it when needed. That’s why you need a local backup, too.

Introducing the IDrive Wi-Fi Drive

idrive wifi 03And that’s exactly why I’m excited about IDrive Wi-Fi … a storage device that combines the security of cloud backup and the convenience of local connectivity. Conveniently backup ALL of your computers to the IDrive Wi-Fi device via IDrive’s desktop application. The wireless connectivity of the IDrive Wi-Fi device enables you to backup multiple devices (up to 5) at once.

Here’s the part I love best … it eliminates the need to tote your external hard drive around, manually connecting it to each computer when it’s time to do backups. Because it connects via WiFi, all your backups (desktop or laptop, PC or Mac) can run automatically. And in my opinion, automatic backups are the ONLY reliable way to get it done.

An Exclusive 5-Day Offer …

Normally the 1-Terabyte IDrive Wi-Fi device costs $100. But as one of my fans and followers, for FIVE DAYS ONLY (1 – 5 APRIL 2015) you can get it for just $59.50 USD. That includes one year of IDrive online backup. AND it is PC and MAC compatible. Similar external hard drives with wifi connectivity cost about $150 (check one out here and it doesn’t include any online backup!) so this really is an amazing deal.

Order your IDRIVE WI-FI now…

A Mobile, Secure and Unique Solution

Got a smartphone or tablet? You can directly backup your mobile devices to IDrive Wi-Fi, using the IDrive mobile app. IDrive Wi-Fi lets you securely store your photos, videos, music and more from various devices, without the fear of losing it.

All data stored on the IDrive Wi-Fi is guarded with military grade security. Your data is protected with 256-bit encryption, using an encryption password known only to you. So the only person who can access your data is you, even if your data falls into the wrong hands.

idrive wifi

IDrive Wi-Fi Drive

I don’t know of ANY other backup solution that combines local and cloud storage like this. Nor is there one that allows you to backup UNLIMITED devices like IDrive does. Carbonite and Mozy charge extra if you have more than one computer.

With IDrive and the IDrive Wi-Fi, all the bases are covered. Your PCs, Macs, mobile gadgets and social media accounts are securely backed up, painlessly and automatically.



P.S. — I encourage you to order your IDRIVE WI-FI now, because this exclusive discount will disappear when the clock strikes midnight on 5 April 2015. After that, the price returns to $100.

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More MyHeritage Records Match Success – and Last Chance to Save 50%

With MyHeritage I get notified when a name appears in a historical newspaper at What could be better? A 50% off deal for MyHeritage!

Yesterday I posted about using MyHeritage and historic newspapers from its partner NewspaperArchive to break down a long-standing brickwall involving my Leehive and Slattery lines. You can read the article here.

I also mentioned how I was using the Record Match feature at MyHeritage to get notified of these new items. Well here is how that feature works!

Record Match at MyHeritage

Once you have an account at MyHeritage and you’ve subscribed to the PremiumPlus and Data Subscription packages (see special deal below), you start building your tree. Then you’ll start seeing Record Matches after a few days and you can also set notifications to be received via e-mail.MyHeritage Record Match - Dennis Leehive 01

And when I scroll down, I see all the different areas of Record Matches:MyHeritage Record Match - Dennis Leehive 02

So I click Review for NewspaperArchive and I can Confirm or Reject a match. Below is an example for one of my Leehive ancestors. It appears to be an obituary from 1916.MyHeritage Record Match - Dennis Leehive 03

This is, in fact, one of the obits I’ve been looking for. So another win for me and my genealogy research via MyHeritage!

The Genealogy Fairy

A Special Incentive – Announcing The Genealogy Fairy

I’ve been very blessed with my success not just at genealogy but also earning affiliate income from various offers such as the one from MyHeritage below. I’ve come up with a way to say thank you to everyone who uses my links for these offers and to give back to the genealogy community.

So I’ve created The Genealogy Fairy and I’ll have more news about the program next week. Here’s a sneak peek: Each month I’ll take 5% of my affiliate income and donate it to various genealogy-related programs. These will include general genealogy society fundraising, special projects and even personal grants to genealogists wanting to attend conferences or publish a family history. So please know that when you shop with links that I post, part of what you spend gets returned to fund worthwhile genealogy programs!

50% Off MyHeritage – Expires TONIGHT

AMAZING 50% off MyHeritage Offer – includes 1-year Premium Plus and 1-year Data Subscription.

If you are ready to move the next phase of research with your genealogy, click here to get your 50% off deal from MyHeritage. The normal price is $238 USD and you’ll pay just $119.40 for a full year’s access to MyHeritage Premium Plus AND the Data Membership. THIS OFFER EXPIRES AT 11:59PM TONIGHT!

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