Splog Alert – Blogarama Violating Copyright

Stop Content Theft

[UPDATE 12:56 pm CDT: That was fast!  It took about one minute after posting this for my content to be removed!  A victory for the people!]

I’m sure this how the folks at Blogarama kicked around their money making scheme to steal content from GeneaBloggers.com and others:

“Hey kids!  I have an idea! Let’s set up a blog directory where we just steal content from other bloggers, like genealogy bloggers, and create a “feed” – they’ll love that right? And when people click on the “copied” article we won’t send them to the original post right away, we’ll just create another page on Blogarama.com where they can get all the content. It will save them the hassle of visiting the original site.  Sound good?”

No.  It doesn’t sound good.  And it is fairly obvious that these content stealers at Blogarama know what they are doing: their Contact Us page is blank.  And their contact info through the WHOIS service is “sheilded.”

Won’t Blog Content Stealers Like Blogarama Ever Learn?

Well it just seems that sploggers don’t understand.  We’ve got a new one on the horizon called Blogarama and I urge all members of GeneaBloggers to look at the site and see if their content has been misused and their copyright violated.

Blogarama is posting blog content in violation of copyright by a) not properly linking back to the original post and in some cases b) disregarding the Creative Commons licensing provisions.

As I stated above, there is no contact information for the owners of Blogarama so I guess I’ll have to shame them publicly through this blog post and social media.

What Can You Do?

Since we have little recourse due to the lack of contact information and the WHOIS registry for Blogarama lists a “privacy protection” service, here is what you can do:

  • Contact the hosting company – Enom – for the Blogarama site. Send your email to copyright@enom.com with a cease and desist notice and tell them that your original content is being used and your copyright violated.  Ask them to either force Blogarama to remove your content or to shut down the site.
  • File a DMCA complaint with the advertisers used by Blogarama and hit them where it hurts – in the pocketbook.:Click here to file a DMCA complaint online with Google AdSense.Contact their advertiser Getwordpress.io at support@getwordpress.io and ask them to remove Blogarama as an affiliate due to copyright violations.


All readers of GeneaBloggers know – as do our members – that it isn’t playing fair when you have to steal content from others who have worked so hard to document their genealogy journey.

Don’t forget our resource page on Blog Copyright and Content Theft!

GeneaBloggers will always fight the good fight against opportunists like Blogarama who want to ride the current wave of popularity surrounding family history and only take from our community without giving back.

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Family Tree Magazine’s “101 Best Websites for Genealogy in 2016”

GeneaBloggers.com has been chosen as one of the 101 Best Websites for 2016 y Family Tree Magazine

This morning, Family Tree Magazine announced its annual list of the best websites, this year entitled “The 101 Best Genealogy Websites 2016.” The list is broken down into several categories including Best Genealogy News & Help Websites, Best Tech Tools for Genealogy in 2016, and more.

Family Tree Magazine’s Top 101 Websites for 2016

As the announcement from Family Tree Magazine states: “Each year, Family Tree Magazine publishes the 101 Best Websites for family history to guide genealogists to the top websites where they can make family history research progress, and to honor the individuals and organizations who create those sites. This year, we took a fresh look at the list, adding more than 30 new, innovative and overlooked sites. For the “old favorites” on the list, we’ve highlighted new content and features.”

Family Tree Magazine is America’s largest-circulation genealogy magazine, helping readers discover, preserve and celebrate their family history. In addition to our print magazine, we publish how-to genealogy blogs, books, webinars, online courses and a free monthly podcast. By reaching out to a broad consumer audience and making genealogy accessible even to beginners, we aim to share the excitement of family history and bring new users to valuable websites such as yours. We also offer a free weekly e-mail newsletter your site’s visitors can receive by entering their information at http://familytreemagazine.com/enews .

GeneaBloggers Members Named Top 101 Website for 2016

Several members of GeneaBloggers are included in this years list:

Congratulations to those selected – please stop by their blogs and congratulate them!

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Windows 10 Survival Guide for Genealogists Now Available!

Genealogy author and educator Thomas MacEntee announces his newest book - Windows 10 Survival Guide for Genealogists - a must have if you plan on upgrading!

Windows 10 Survival Guide for Genealogists Now Available!




In general, most of my readers know that I don’t always follow “the latest big thing” when it comes to technology. My theory has always been: why should I be a bug fixer for Microsoft (or you can change it to Apple, HP, etc.)? I almost never upgrade or buy the “.0 version” of something. You won’t find me waiting in line outside the Apple store for the latest iPhone. I know that I can usually save money by staying at least one version back and waiting for the “.1 version” of something.

However, with Windows 10, things are a bit different due to the way in which Microsoft is deploying the operating system and including a big financial incentive. When Windows 10 debuted in mid-2015, Microsoft announced that qualified users (those on Windows 7 and Windows 8) could receive Windows 10 for free.

So, like me, you probably endured the constant notifications when you booted up each morning asking if you wanted to download and install Windows 10. And like me, you kept putting it off. Or perhaps, you clicked YES by mistake and you then had to deal with fixing lots of things.

And now, Microsoft is enforcing its deadline of July 29, 2016, to get the free upgrade. After that date, you will need to pay $119 USD for the same upgrade.

That’s why I wrote Windows 10 Survival Guide for Genealogists. I upgraded several of my devices starting in December 2015 and while I did lose access to some default settings, and I had to reinstall some software, it was not as bad an experience as I had heard others describe.

However, the hours I spent “fixing” my system kept me from researching family history. So I’ve compiled a list of “annoyances” to check once the upgrade to Windows 10 is complete. In this guide I also offer advice on how to prepare for the upgrade, what to do if you don’t qualify for the free upgrade, and also why you might not want to even upgrade at all!

I’ve pulled together a huge list of resources at the end of this guide, along with additional reading. This guide can’t possibly cover every possible upgrade situation or system configuration . . . as they say “Your mileage may vary.” But, at the very least, you’ll have the tools needed to find answers to your Windows 10 questions.

Learn and benefit from my experiences in going through the Windows 10 upgrade!

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • How to Use The Windows 10 Survival Guide
  • Is the Windows 10 Upgrade Right for You?
  • The Windows 10 Upgrade Test
  • Do You Qualify for the Free Upgrade?
  • What If You Don’t Qualify?
  • Why You Might Want to Delay the Upgrade
  • Pre-Upgrade Preparations
  • Performing the Windows 10 Upgrade
  • Troubleshooting Your Windows 10 Upgrade
  • Windows 10 Post Upgrade Quick Checklist
  • Genealogy Software and Windows 10
  • New Features in Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Annoyances and How to Fix Them
  • Windows 10 Upgrade – Quick Facts and FAQ
  • Resources
  • About The Author




What About the Print Version?

Since this book is “tech heavy” and Microsoft may change the terms of the Windows 10 upgrade at any time, it isn’t feasible to produce a print version. Suggestion: purchase the PDF version using the link above and print a copy for your own use.

©2016, copyright Thomas MacEntee. All rights reserved.