FINAL DAYS! Save 30% on World Subscription if you have an AARP Membership – this offer expires on Wednesday March 4th – via

UPDATE on AARP Discount: has just informed me that a new agreement has been signed with AARP and a discount on’s World Explorer subscription will continue to be available. There are some restrictions that you need to understand. Please review the parameters below before calling and requesting the discount:

  • You must be a current member of AARP and have your AARP membership number available.
  • The AARP discount applies to World Explorer memberships only.
  • The discount applies to new memberships as well as renewals.
  • You can only use this offer ONE TIME. If you have used the AARP discount in the past, you cannot renew your current membership using the discount.
  • In addition, no longer offers 3-month or 1 year memberships; this means the AARP offer is good for the 1-month and 6-month membership products.

Click here for more information.

Finally, I did not realize that Ancestry had eliminated its 3-month and 1-year membership products, did you?

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How I’m Leveraging StoryPress for Blogging

I've started using StoryPress to not only expand the reach of my family history blog but to amplify the story telling aspect of blogging.

I’ve been blogging about my family history over at Destination: Austin Family for over eight years now. Many readers know that I first started blogging in late December 2006 as a means of coping with my mother’s early onset Alzheimer’s Disease diagnosis in 2000.

As the years have passed, preserving my mother’s memories and family stories have let me to a career in the genealogy field. And in the last five years I’ve seen big changes in how we as humans preserve the story of family.

What is StoryPress?

According to the site, “StoryPress is changing the world of storytelling by making it fun and easy to create, save, and share personal memories and stories.” Going beyond the tagline, and based on my experience using the platform, StoryPress help you take any story, including your own stories, to the next level.

The written word can only go so far to convey those stories. While the reader and grasp meaning and picture imagined scenarios, adding images and audio to a story can give it greater impact. Video has been an option I’ve always wanted to explore in terms of blogging and now I’ve found a platform in StoryPress that offers me the options I need.

Video will continue to be a growth area for Internet users, and over time more and more genealogists and family historians will realize the power of family stories through video.

There are so many features of StoryPress that I love and they are too numerous to cover in this post. For now, enjoy the story below and consider using StoryPress to expand the impact of your genealogy blog.

My Mother and Alzheimer’s Disease

Below is a video story I produced using the StoryPress platform entitled My Mother and Alzheimer’s Disease. The video was fairly easy to produce using family photos that I had already digitized and narrating an previously written post from several years ago.

Disclosure statement: I have material connections with various vendors and organizations. To review the material connections I have in the genealogy industry, please see Disclosure Statements.

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FREE Family History Library Webinars – March and April 2015

Anyone can attend genealogy classes offered by the Family History Library from the comfort of home. Here's how to access the March and April 2015 classes.

Did you know that the Family History Library in Salt Lake City has a way for you to attend their live genealogy classes online and from the comfort of your home or office? Between now and the end of March 2015 there are no less than 10 classes scheduled, with an additional 11 classes scheduled for April 2015.

And despite what you may have heard, you do not need to be a member of the LDS Church in order to join the classes. Access is free to everyone and this includes the recording made available shortly after the live online class.

Listing of Upcoming Live Online Classes – March 2015

The list of classes available to access live and online is posted in the FamilySearch Research Wiki here. The remainder of the March 2015 schedule is as follows:

Note: all times are listed as Mountain Time Zone.

How to Attend a Live Online Class

  1. Make sure you have an account at FamilySearch. Visit to create an account.
  2. Click a link above for more information on the content delivery program used (Webex) and also click here to download an informative PDF on installing Webex. Do this before you join any online class since it may take several minutes to install.
  3. You cannot “sign up” for a class ahead of time; you need to click the link a few minutes before the scheduled start time. Place a reminder on your calendar for each class you want to attend and remember to check the correct time according to your time zone.
  4. When ready, join the live webinar and also check to see if a handout is available.
  5. If you miss a live online class, return to the class specific link and look for the recorded session after the live class is over.

Finally, FamilySearch has told me that they can accommodate 500 people per class and have yet to “run out of space” for any class.

Take advantage of this amazing FREE genealogy education resource!

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