NEHGS Announces New Online Journals Site

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The New England Historic Genealogical Society announces the creation of a new web page on their site entitled Genealogical Journal Online: A National Collection:

“. . . connecting members to a number of the country’s premier scholarly journals, giving them access to some of the most important research conducted during the past 150 years. The new Web page, “Genealogical Journals Online: A National Collection” represents one of the premier collections of scholarly research available anywhere in the field of genealogy.

In addition to the widely respected NEHGS journal, The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, published quarterly since 1847, NEHGS has recently added other journals as searchable online databases. When completed later in 2010, these additional journals will include almost 200 volumes of research in a wide variety of geographic areas covering the entire country. New journals now available online include:

  • The Connecticut Nutmegger: Published since 1968, the Nutmegger is the ‘journal of record’ for the Connecticut Society of Genealogists, and includes vital records, probate records, bible records, headstone records, memorials and other useful research for families with Connecticut ties.
  • New Netherland Connections: Published since 1996 by Dorothy A. Koenig, this journal focuses on the Dutch colonial period (1624-1664) in New York and New Jersey. Each issue has feature articles, replies to queries, and items of Dutch colonial interest. Particular attention is paid to identifying the European origins of New Netherland settlers.
  • The American Genealogist (TAG): Published since 1923, TAG represents an important body of scholarly research covering the breadth of the United States, with an early preference for New England.
  • The Virginia Genealogist: Published from 1957 to 2006, this journal includes compiled genealogies, personal property tax lists, court orders, deeds, wills, marriage registers, and other county sources from Virginia.

D. Brenton Simons, NEHGS President and CEO, said, “We’re thrilled to provide our members with electronic access to these incredibly important journals together in one place. They truly represent research of the highest quality, and offer essential data and family information that cannot be found anywhere else.” Simons added, “We also want people throughout the national genealogical community to know that NEHGS is broadening its scope far beyond New England.”

NEHGS is planning to release about five new volumes for each journal periodically throughout 2009 and 2010. In most cases, the database search facility is very similar to that of The Register and allows searches by last and/or first name, or by subject keywords. Images of the original pages may be seen from the search results page. It is also possible to browse the pages by entering a Year (or volume number) and a page number.

For more information, visit the NEHGS Website,

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Free Online Access to SAGE Journals

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Once again, SAGE Journals Online allowing free access to their journals until October 31st.  One of my favorites is The Journal of Family History.

While some of the journals deal with very arcane subjects and on the surface there appears to be little related to genealogy, I do think a genalogist or family history author could use the SAGE site to:

  • do a surname search – you never know who might be mentioned or even an author of an article!
  • use the journals to get background information on customs, history and other aspects of how your ancestors lived
  • search for terms such as genealogy, family history, etc.

I also did a search using the keywords Dutch + Colonial and found many articles about the social customs and living conditions that my ancestors in colonial New York would have encountered.

So get creative on your searches! (Tip: use the Advanced Search function to limit your search results to articles from 1999 forward.)

You will need to create an account at SAGE (no charge to do that) and remember that this offer ends October 31, 2009 so make sure you grab the articles you need soon!

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Protect Michigan Libraries Badge

Thanks to TK Sand of the Before My Time blog for alerting me to this badge.  If you are not familiar with the issue involving the Michigan Library and its fate due to budget cuts, check out Granny’s Genealogy blog for an overview and some info from last month’s Hands Around the Library event.

If you would like to show your support for Michigan libraries, see the instructions below on how to use the code and create your own badge.

For Blogger:

1. Highlight the text in the box below, right-click and select Copy
2. In Blogger, go to Layout
3. Select Add A Gadget
4. Select HTML/Javascript
5. In the Content area, right-click and select Paste
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For WordPress:

1. Highlight the text in the box below, right-click and select Copy
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