Help Us Find the Owner of this Grave Marker

manin templeton grave marker

The grave marker shown above has been located on a run down property in Portland, Oregon during a renovation. Your help is needed in understanding more about the marker and hopefully return it to the family of the persons listed on the marker.

Grave Marker Details

Francis Day Manin
1909 – 1974

Susan Manin Smith
1937 –

Teddy Templeton Jr.
1955 – 1975

Also inscribed in the upper left: “15-428.” Could this be a plot number meaning the marker was removed from a cemetery?

The Power of Collaborative Research

I know that the genealogy community is good at these collaborative projects and we appreciate the sense of stewardship that the general contractors have for the marker. Let’s help reunite it with the family and perhaps learn why it ended up at this abandoned property.

Note: Please don’t post information on living persons and don’t contact the descendants or owners directly. Email me at and I’ll pass on contact info to the property owners so they can reach out to the family.

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1940 US Census – Your Indexing Help Needed!

1940 US Census and its partners will start publishing the 1940 U.S. Federal Census for free on April 2, 2012, the day the census is released by NARA. will also provide digital images to tens of thousands of volunteers to start transcribing the records so they become searchable.

Complete publication of the index will depend on how many volunteers like you can help. Recently, I heard that if 135,000 people help with indexing the 1940 US Census, the project could be finished in one week. Are you in?

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©2011, copyright Thomas MacEntee US Census Feature – Screen Shots

Here are some screen shots from the Census Records section of which just announced the availability of US Federal Census population schedules as part of a partnership with FamilySearch. Click each image to embiggen.


User enters search criteria. Census Search Form


SEARCH RESULTS brings back the most relevant search results, along with actual thumbnail images. US Census Search Results



Here we display all of the indexed fields from the census record. User can click thumbnail image to view actual scan of the census page. US Census Historical Record



User can zoom, increase/decrease brightness and contrast. Allows user to scroll through census pages (next/previous), print, download, and save to tree (or into “My Records” queue). US Census Original Image

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