New Genealogy Blogs 24 May 2014

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

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Here are this week’s new listings:


Blog type: Australia

The term ‘Bushranger’ was first used in February 1805, in the Sydney Gazette which mentioned men “whose appearance sanctioned the suspicion of their being bushrangers”. From this time, the term was used to describe those who attacked people on the roads or in the bush. Over 2,000 bushrangers roamed the Australian countryside, from the convicts who escaped until just after the Kelly Gang’s last stand.

domestic bliss

Domestic Bliss
Blog type: Family

I’m a reader and raconteur, math geek, sewist, genealogist, chorister. Woman in a house of men.”

genealogy forest elf

Genealogy of a Forest Elf
Blog type: Family

Okay, no. I am not a real forest elf. I am, however, the Forest Elf of WikiTree and this is where I want to share my genealogy.

historys mysteries

History’s Mysteries
Blog type: Iowa, Genealogy vendor, Professional genealogist

History’s Mysteries LLC is a new researching firm setting out to uncover answers to your inquiries about history in Northeast Iowa, central to the Waterloo area in Black Hawk County. Our expertise lies in the research of real estate and cemeteries as well as other areas of genealogical and ephemera research.

We are a proud member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and abide by APG Code of Ethics seen here. We are currently working on our certification through the Board for Certification of Genealogists. Applicants for BCG must demonstrate The Genealogical Proof Standard which can be seen here.

If you would like our assistance to answer a burning question you might have, please send an email to In your email, specify your question and provide additional background on what you already know and what steps you have taken (if any) to previously research this question. A phone conversation can be arranged to discuss your project in detail. We do ask for a $50 retainer before the preliminary research plan is presented. This preliminary plan will review your contact information, the questions we will try to answer for you, an initial search of pertinent information readily accessible, potential sources and repositories we will utilize and the suggested steps of research. Once we present this information to you, we will have you sign an agreement allowing us to conduct the stated research plan and complete your requested project for the number of hours you have authorized. Upon completion of the research and report, we will present you with a copy of your report, detailing our findings and suggestions for future research, if it would be beneficial.

We are currently accepting new clients. You will be provided with detailed information as soon as possible. A backlog could increase wait time, but expect the search and report to take two weeks. We will use our online resources first to minimize travel expenses while verifying original sources whenever possible.

your irish heritage

Your Irish Heritage
Blog type: Ireland, Irish

Welcome to The Community

If you’re just joining us at  Your Irish Heritage, welcome! This is the place where we talk about Your Irish Heritage in a very special way – looking at the historical surnames of Ireland and the places associated with them.

Sometimes, it will be a picture and a simple piece of information. Sometimes, we’ll share personal stories that give a lot more context and history. Other times, we’ll discuss ways of digging deeper into your family’s past on the island of Ireland. This is all part of exploring Your Irish heritage.

We’re Glad You’re Here

Here are some pointers to get you going:

Please use the Search Box at the side of the page to find information related to your Irish Surname.

Here are our Five most visited pages over the last 12 months:

We have a very vibrant Facebook community – with over 23,000 Fans.

Finally, when you have been around a while, we have a special members forum area called The Green Room. You can connect with other readers and dive deeper into Your Irish heritage with expert assistance (access to Mike and a Genealogist for questions) as well as receiving regular publications for free.

You’ll find lots of free information that will prove useful to you – but remember, if you ever get stuck or have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us and ask.

We look forward to learning more about you and Your Irish Heritage.

© 2014, copyright Thomas MacEntee

New Genealogy Blogs 17 May 2014

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

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Here are this week’s new listings:

barbs family stories

Barb’s Family Stories
Blog type: Family

Welcome. Tracing my family’s history has been a much loved hobby of mine for over 20 years. My mother’s ancestral lines begin in Orange County, New York while my father’s family is from Augusta County, Virginia. Genealogy is about sharing so I’ll be telling my ancestors’ stories in this blog.

chandler family association cfa

Chandler Family Association CFA Blog
Blog type: Surname

Anyone with an interest in Chandler matters anywhere, any time is welcome to join us. Our membership is over 600, with members in 49 U.S. states plus Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Botswana, Barbados, South Africa, Wales and New Zealand. Please visit our official website:

the kiehn edges

The Kiehn Edges and Rustic Gates
Blog type: Family

My blog started as a way for me to share all the information I have accumulated from my own research and the research of others in my family.  I get distracted by a branch and can be lured onto a rabbit trail.  I especially love the history elements and love finding out what was going on around the family at any given time and how events may have influenced them.  This is a new blog for me so I am flopping around a little as of yet!  I am also working on posting the large files on a website to see how that works.

© 2014, copyright Thomas MacEntee

New Genealogy Blogs 10 May 2014

Newly-Discovered Genealogy Blogs at GeneaBloggers

There are 4 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

bernfeld family

Bernfeld Family of Galicia and More
Blog type: Family, Jewish

I’m a descendant of the Bernfeld family from Galicia, Austria, an area where the borders kept changing and the challenges were great.   The lifestyle of my ancestors was very different back then.  The communities are now gone and all that is left are records in archives and written literature.

The purpose of this blog is to uncover more information and share what I’ve learned.  I did a tremendous amount of research on this family and have many stories to share.  Join me as I explain how I found relatives from the distant past.  Some of their stories are fascinating and there will always be something new to learn.  I’ll also explain how I found information in unconventional ways.

In addition, there will be helpful tips and stories, all to inspire and help you with your search.

genealogy beyond the BMD

Genealogy: Beyond the BMD
Blog type: Canada genealogy, Education, UK genealogy

I started this blog because my mind and my hard drive are both filled to bursting with information I want to share with others, and this is the way I chose to do that. I wasn’t sure if this was a good time to start my blog, because there is a lot going on in my life right now (moving to a new house, naughty puppy, you get the picture) …. but someone once said “Hey.. there’s no time like the present!” so here I am.

Like the title of my blog says, I hope to help people go beyond the birth, marriage and death records in researching their ancestor. Someone once said “You live, and then you die!”  (Who are these people?) Well, we all know there is more to life than that. Stuff happens. People fall in love, fall out of work, live in the city, live through disasters, get sick, get smart, get a life! I like to think of the ancestors on my tree as characters in a really interesting book. In my more than 12 years of doing genealogy research I have come across many resources that I will be sharing with my readers to help add depth to your characters.

One day people will say “Someone once said  ‘Let’s put the vie in c’est la vie!’”

genealogy works

Genealogy Works
Blog type: Education, Occupations, Records

Welcome to Genealogy Works, a blog designed to help genealogists learn their ancestor’s colorful backstory through records created by and about American business.  After months of research and preparation, Genealogy Works, the blog and the family history company, at once come to life.

Genealogy Works will tell you what is cooking in the world of oft overlooked historical sources by and about U.S. companies, and how to navigate them.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, historical business records are non-current records of businesses operating in the U.S. since colonial times to present day.  So whether your ancestor was the Candlestick Maker in Colonial Williamsburg or a 21st-century oil tycoon, you have come to the right place for tips and strategies to bring your ancestor to life.

Who’s behind Genealogy Works? Allow me to introduce myself. Hi, I’m Nancy. I’m your friend and guide on this journey to find your connection to the past. One of the greatest pleasures in doing genealogical research is connecting others with their ancestors.

the dapper historian

The Dapper Historian
Blog type: Education, Professional Genealogist, UK genealogy

Raised with the sensibilities of a century before my time, bitten by the history bug from an early age, university educated in the subject and now working full time for one of the largest Family History & Genealogy companies in the world it’s safe to say that this is more than a profession – it’s a lifestyle.

With a detour into the heady world of nightclub management and a senior marketing agency position, that thirst continued unabated until the opportunity came to make that big switch and follow my passion. I’ve occupied various positions at DC Thomson Family History, working with respected brands such as findmypast worldwide, Genes Reunited and Lives of the First World War in addition to carrying out personal research at every available opportunity to make best use of the valuable resources at my fingertips.

A member of the Society of Genealogists, the Association of Professional Genealogists and several family history societies, I’m currently spreading an infectious love of the subject on a daily basis through my work at findmypast across social media, PR, content, marketing and event attendance. I’ve spoken and exhibited at events across Europe and the United States, from Who Do You Think You Are? live in London to RootsTech in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I’m immensely lucky in the sense that as a salaried worker rather than freelance I have less of a concern about “paying the bills” and can really focus on that affection for a subject, following a nose for those interesting historical detours that house the very best stories. I don’t currently take clients and so my sole focus is on using the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired to help others to get back further in their own history – whilst enjoying myself in the process!

I’ve been quoted in many national and international newspapers in my role as a spokesperson, fully media trained and interviewed on prime time television in countries as far afield as Australia, but I genuinely love nothing better than to share this passion with you. Whether you’ve seen me speak, know my name or this is your first glimpse of family history – I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know me a little better through my blog and most importantly getting to know a little more about the grand unfolding story that makes us all who we are.

© 2014, copyright Thomas MacEntee